A Higher Purpose

A Texan was looking out, admiring the beauty of Niagara Falls, when a New Yorker standing by him  sarcastically said: “I bet you don’t have anything like this in Texas.”  “No,” said the Texan, “but we’ve got plumbers who could fix it!”  Well, a Texan-size feat was recently done at Niagara when  a man walked a tightrope from the American side of the Falls to the Canadian side.  His name is Nik Wallenda and he is a seventh generation member of the famous high-wire family act, The Flying  Wallendas.  At six years of age, Nik’s parents took him to see  Niagara Falls, and the little fella told Dad and Mom that one day he would like to high-wire across it.  Finally, in February of 2012, after two years of international  negotiations, both countries agreed to issue  the permit.  Nik prepared for the feat in a large parking lot nearby, having five fire trucks spray water on him and five huge fans blow wind on him as he walked a tightrope extended a few feet above the ground.  His father had designed the high-wire cable and his mother had made the high-wire shoes.  Then on Friday, June 15, at 10:16 p.m. –  Nik stepped onto the two-inch wide cable and with the waters roaring 200 feet  below him walked the 1,800 feet –  arriving on the other side 26 minutes later at 10:41 p.m.   And yes, Canadian custom officers did meet him on the other side.  And not only was he able to do so without once wavering on the wire, but Nik also took questions while on the wire from reporters down below as he was miked for sound. The amazing feat was broadcast around the world with over one billion people viewing it.  Nik was asked (on back) by the networks to walk at night so that it could be aired prime-time in North America.  He later commented that the downside to this was the dark waters below made it very difficult for him to see the dark cable (eyeing the wire you are walking on is critical to keeping your balance.) Nik also said that most high-wire walks are only for a few minutes on a straight dry tight wire with little wind.  But this one was for almost half an hour on a wet swaying dipped cable with swirling winds.  Thus he had to train extra hard and was physically exhausted at the end.  But the whole thing almost never took place because of the one stipulation put on Nik, that he wear a safety harness (he had never worn such a thing before in performing).  But Nik gave in to the demand because he had a greater reason for doing something that had never been done in history before.  This was to give a worldwide testimony of his personal faith in Jesus Christ.  This faith began when one day Nik’s father was given a book by a clown in the Ringling Brother’s circus for whom The Flying Wallendas were performing.  That book was The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay.  Walter Wallenda read it, got saved, and then reared his own family in the gospel.  And there’s no question about Nik’s personal salvation.  “I grew up in a Bible-reading, God-fearing family, and I am a born-again believer.”  What’s next for Nik Wallenda now that he has high-wired Niagara Falls?  It’s to do the same thing at the Grand Canyon (he already has the permits).  But as with the Falls, there is now a much “higher” purpose in it all.  (Note – You can see the walk on You Tube sites.)