Out With the Bad, In With the Worse

s he was making his way back to the hotel, he felt a gun in his back. “What’s your religion?” a man growled.  The Yankee had no real religion but he knew if he said he was Catholic and this guy was Protestant he’d kill him or if he said he was Protestant and the guy was Catholic he’d  kill him. Thinking quickly he said, “I’m Jewish.” and the man replied, “Oh Allah I must be the luckiest Arab in all of Ireland!” For years we’ve known how dangerous it is for Jews living in an Israeli state surrounded by hostile Arab nations.  But for Christians residing in those very same Moslem countries, life was, if anything, rather peaceful.  This was because the strong Islamic dictators demanded complete law and order, not just towards the government but also between its citizens.  And so whether it was Hussein in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, or Mubarak in Egypt – believers were able to have churches and safely worship.  But with the rise of  armed resistance and the fall of brutal leaders has come the end of religious freedom for these Christians in dominant Moslem lands.  Now believers are increasingly running for their lives as their churches are being torched and their homes are being confiscated.  And oddly enough, there’s been no better friend in the Middle East to the Christian’s right to safely and freely practice their faith than President Bashar Assad of Syria. There the Christian population numbers about 1.5 million.  The bottom line?  I’m not sad to see Assad go, but I am sad that with him will go the gospel Syria once had.

The Changing Face of Faith In Canada 

Religion ID 1931 2009
Catholicism 40% 38%
No Religion 1% 23%
Evangelical 8% 12%
Islam/Hindu 3% 10%
United 20% 7%
Anglican 16% 6%
Presbyterian 8% 2%
Lutheran 4% 2%