Ten Signs You’ll Live To Be 100

One fella writes, “When my grandmother was in her late nineties, she decided to move to Israel and as part of her preparations, she went to see her doctor to get all her charts. The physician asked her how she was doing, so she gave him her litany of complaints — this hurts, that’s stiff, this is tireder, that is slower, etc.  The doctor responded with, ‘Mrs. Siegel, you have to expect these things to start deteriorating – after all, who wants to live to 100?’  My grandmother looked him straight in the eye and replied, ‘Anyone who’s 99!’”

In the 20th century, the average life expectancy span has shot up thirty years, the greatest gain in 6,000 years of human history.  And centenarians (people who make it into the triple digits), aren’t such an exclusive club anymore. Their numbers have doubled in the last ten years.  All of which leads to the question, What does it take to live to be a 100?  According to those who study such things, there are ten sure signs you are well on your way to becoming a centenarian:

#1 You Were A Healthy-Weight Teen – People who were overweight in their youth are far more likely to develop heart disease and other ailments later on in life.

#2 You Have A Flat Stomach After Fifty –  People who are in relatively good shape usually have most of it negated by being too round in the middle.

#3 You Like Fruit On Your Oatmeal – People who eat a high-fibre breakfast with added antioxidant fruit are far less likely to have high cholesterol or get cancer. 

#4 You Make Every Calorie Count – People whose calories are high in nutrition (fibers, grains) and not low  (sugar, starch), are much less risk on the disease scale.
#5 You Are A Tea Lover – People who drink five or more cups of herbal tea a day (without adding milk) greatly assist the flow of blood through  their arteries.

#6 You Skip Cola, Even Diet – People who drink artificially-sweetened pop deaden their taste buds which leads to craving extra sweet food which leads to…

#7 You Eat Purple Food – People who get rich,  purple- coloured nutrition (grapes, beets, plums, etc.) have a lot of polyphenols which fends off brain deterioration.

#8 You Don’t Ask, “Where’s The Beef?” – People who eat more than eighteen ounces of red meat per week are twice as likely to develop colorectal cancer.

#9 You Take Your Breath Away – People who do twenty minutes of exercise a day (walk, bike, run) that  leaves them breathless, almost always live far longer.

#10 You Don’t Sleep In On Sunday Mornings  – People who go to church generally have fewer operations, recover faster, and need less pain medication.

But they left out the biggest centenarian sign of all, gender.  Women are five times more likely to make it to age 100 than are men.  However, the Bible says,   

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone.