It’s OK, to Wish Me A Merry Christmas

On a weekday in a December, Mrs. Ashley Tarter of Williamsburg, West Virginia, was out doing her gift-buying for  family members.  As Ashley went from store to store, she began to notice something similar happening after each purchase –  none of the cashiers were wishing her a Merry Christmas.  Oh they said, Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings, but not one Merry Christmas. When Mrs. Tarter got home, she shared this experience with her husband, stating her understanding that retailers were simply trying to be non-offensive towards their customers in this politically correct age.  But she pined, “There must be some way to let them know that it’s okay to wish me and others of like-minded faith, a Merry Christmas.”  And it was then that the button idea (It’s Okay, Wish Me A Merry Christmas) came into being.  Ashley came up with the design and went from church to church, requesting pastors to purchase the buttons in bulk (at cost) for their congregants to wear while shopping.  The local media picked up on the story and soon the national media followed.  Today, orders come in from all over the world.  And Ashley adds, with longer shopping lines this time of the year, it’s opened up real opportunities for sharing the gospel as people inquire about the item.