Bieber & Beethoven

A professor in a world-class school of medicine once posed this medical and ethical situation to their young doctors in training.  “Here’s the family history.  The father has syphilis.  The mother has tuberculosis.  They already have had four children.  The first is blind.  The second is dead.  The third is deaf. The fourth has tuberculosis.  And now the mother is pregnant again, this time with a child out-of -wedlock  They come to you for advice.  What do you say to them?  The teacher then had the students divide into small groups for consultations. All the groups came back recommending the very same thing – an abortion.  “Congratulations,” the professor said, “You have just killed Beethoven.”

Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s mother) is the executive producer (i.e. money behind) of a new short film on Beethoven.  Called Crescendo, it is the true account of the conception and birth of Ludwig.  Ms. Mallette was personally drawn to the story because of the similarities of Beethoven’s mother’s pregnancy trials (shame of illegitimacy,  thrown out-of-the house, pressure to abort, etc.) with that of her own while carrying Justin.  But in  the end both mothers chose life for their babies.  And what an impact each child has had on the world.  Of Beethoven little needs to be said.  He is considered by many to be the greatest classical music composer of all time.   And of Bieber?  I’ll leave that up to your own musical taste (he is certainly not on my iPod list, but then I am not a twelve-year-old girl).
Crescendo has already won 15 international film festival awards, including the prestigious – Hollywood Film Festival.  It is making its North American debut on Friday, February 28.  One thousand theaters have been rented across the U.S. and Canada.  At the end of the film, Pattie Mallette will then come on screen telling her own similar story.  She will give special emphasis to the fact of how thankful she is that there was a charitable place available for her to go to have her baby.  Then movie-goers will be asked to donate, that other young single girls might have the same opportunity.  The goal is to raise $10,000,000 (ten million dollars).  Then on Friday, March 1, the short film will be put on You Tube as part of the continuing fund-raising effort.

Pattie Mallette is currently making the rounds on all the major day-time and night-time American television talk shows to get exposure for the film.  And on these programs she is being militantly attacked by the predominantly liberal hosts who accuse her of making a film whose message is pro-life and anti-abortion.  But Ms. Mallette is properly responding that the film is simply telling the story of a true historical event and the inspiration she found in it.  And if other young women find the same thing, what’s wrong with that?  No one is forcing anyone to see the film, to give a donation towards the charity, or to have a baby against their will.

✓Note – To think that a few short years ago – a single, young mother, was working at Zellers in Stratford for minimum wage as she tried to raise by herself the child she refused to abort.  And now, through the world-wide fame of her son, she has been given an international platform to spread the message of both the sanctity of life and the Saviour of life.  Another example of Genesis  50:20, Ye meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.