The Picture That Says It All

It is the murder trial that is giving even seasoned crime reporters nightmares.  Abortionist Dr. Kermitt Gosnell runs the Women’s Medical Clinic in the city of Philadelphia. He is charged with multiple counts of killing babies; not inside, but outside the womb.  These are infants who survived his late term abortion procedure and then had their lives brutally taken by the physician shortly afterwards  (I will spare you the details of how.)  Because of the tragic sensationalism of the story, a special section of the courtroom was reserved for the national media.  But as you can see from the picture below, not one major reporter has shown up to cover the trial.  Now, whenever a woman’s “right” to have an abortion is challenged by the right, the so-called “war on women,” the mainstream media is all over it.  But when the other side of the story takes place, and abortion is cast in a bad light, there is a total news blackout.  Still, the left wing media continues to try and tell us with a straight face that there is no liberal bias when it comes to the news.  As I said, this picture says it all.


She will never see the beauty of a sunrise,
Nor pick a flower blowing in the wind,
She will never climb up to sit on Daddy’s knee,
Never spend a summer day with her best friend.

She will never bake cookies with Mommy,
Never know what its like to be sixteen,
Never share her love with that special someone,
Never have the family of her childhood dreams.

He will never celebrate his first birthday,
You’ll never hear him call your name out loud,
He will never run across a grassy meadow,
Nor will he be the little boy who makes you proud.

He will never go fishing with Daddy,
Nor have the joy of buying his first car,
He will never get to father his own family,
Nor hear his little boy wish upon the star.

Day by day and one by one we’re killing our future,
By the thousands every day across the land.
Can you tell me what has happened to Canada
Is there anyone who dares to take a stand?
We have the blood of little children on our hands!

But in heaven God is picking up the pieces,
Of the countless treasures we have thrown away.
While slowly, He’s reshaping and remolding,
Those precious little helpless lumps of clay.
So lovingly He holds them in His hands,
Only God knows just what they could have been.

Sheldon Wade Mencer