A Beauty Pageant First

The 2013 Miss World beauty pageant will not be featuring one of the main staples of other similar events – that of the swimsuit competition.  As young women from 137 nations gather in Jakarta, skimpy bikinis will be replaced by modest sarongs.  This is due to the fact that Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country.  Julia Morley, chairperson of the Miss World Organization, said the following in an interview:

    “There will be no bikini segment in this year’s pageant.  We recognize that this is a very sensitive issue in Indonesia and we are respecting their traditional culture and religious values.  In place of swimsuits, the Indonesians are designing for us very beautiful one-piece beachwear outfits and we are really quite pleased with them.” 

Note – Interestingly, the first ever two-piece bathing suit in a beauty pageant was at the 1950 Miss World contest.

This news item is a good segway into Christian attire.  And here I want to commend our ladies who continually strive to balance modest dress convictions with modern fashion selections. I know it is difficult for those who are limited to buying off today’s store rack and do not have the sewing skills for making outfit adjustments.  Thank you for daily reflecting Christ in your clothing.

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Speaking of dress, one of the great ministries for young ladies that has been started in the past decade is called, Pure Fashion (www.purefashion.com). Their motto is, “Changing The World One Outfit At A Time.”