Canada VS. America

99 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be A Canadian

In heaven, God was talking to an angel about a beautiful country he was creating –  “It will have lakes, mountains, and trees covering the land.  The air will be crisp and fresh, the water will always be clean, and the people will be the most friendly you’ll ever  meet.  I will call it Canada and the people living inside; Canadians.”  “But God,”  the angel replied, “don’t you think you are being too nice to these Canadians?”  “Nope!”  replied God, “Just wait ’till you see the neighbors I’m giving them!” Now we love Americans (I’m one) and wouldn’t want anyone else to be our neighbour.  But this past week, Macleans published a list of 99 reasons why it’s better to be a Canadian than an American.  Here are some:

#1 We Last Longer – Canadians born today will live an average of three years longer than Americans (81.2 years verses 78.2) and the gap is widening.

#2 We’re More Satisfied – According to the Better Life Index, only the Aussies and the Swedes are happier than Canadians.  Americans are listed number seventeen.

#3 We’ve Smarter Kids – Our youth consistently score in the top ten worldwide in math and science, whereas American teens just make the top 25 list (24th).                                                  
#4 We’re Better Survivors – Compared to Americans, Canadians have a lower rate of infant mortality, of youth suicide, and of elderly euthanasia. 

#5 We’re Wiser Managers – Canadians spend almost half the amount on health care ($4,445 per person) that Americans do ($8,233 per person).

#6 We’re More Family – New mothers who work in Canada get 50 weeks of paid maternal leave while the same new moms in America get only 12 weeks unpaid.

#7 We’re Greater Committed – When it comes to staying married, far more American couples get a divorce (36%) than do Canadian lovebirds (21%).

#8 We’re More Opportune – Over half of low-income Canadian youth are enrolled in post-secondary education compared to less than one-third of poor American kids.

#9 We’re Worth More – Canada’s average net household worth is $363,000 while the average American’s household net worth is lesser at $320,000.

#10 We’re More Fit – The percentage of Americans considered obese in weight is 35.9 while the percentage of Canadians measured as too heavy is 24.1.

#11 We’ve Larger Homes – In a Canadian house, there are generally three rooms per person.  In a typical American house,  there are two rooms per dweller.

#12 We Drink Less – American alcohol drinkers consume 8.7 liters of booze a year, while in Canada the total is 8.2 liters per imbiber. 

#13 We’re More Giving- 64% of Canadians reach into their pockets and give to charitable causes compared to 60% of Americans who do the same.

#14 We’re Greater Balanced- When it comes to work and play, three times as many Americans as Canadians stay at the workplace job over fifty hours a week.

#15 We’re Warmer Blooded – When it comes to winter survival, for every one Canadian who succumbs to the elements, twenty-one Americans freeze to death.

#16 We’ve Better Banks – Earlier this year, Bloomberg rated the best banks in the world.  Canada has four of the top ten sports and America one at number nine.

#17 We’ve Better Mobility – The dream’s more here..  The son of a poor Yankee father is twice as likely to also grow up poor compared to the son of a poor Canuck dad.

#18 We’re More Transit – Seven of the top ten cities in North America with the most people taking transit are in Canada, not in America.

#19 We’re More Equal – The income gap between the have’s and have-nots is two-thirds greater in America than it is in Canada.  There’s more middle class here.

#20 We’ve Safer Money – With our new currency design, the counterfeit rate in America is now 650% greater than that of Canada.

#21 We‘re Business Friendlier – Canada ranks eighth lowest in the world when it comes to the corporate income tax rate with America at number 69.

#22 We’ve More Vacations- Canadian workers by law get a two-week paid vacation.  In America, there is no such law and 25% of Yankees get no paid time off.

#23 We’ve More Holidays- Canadians get 11 holidays a year, almost one a month.  Americans get 8 such holidays and none between New Years and Good Friday.

#24 We’re More Wired- When it comes to the internet, 83% of Canadians are plugged in compared to 78% of Americans being online.

#25 We’re Less Twisted- Americans mock Canada’s weather but the truth is we average 60 tornadoes a year compared to the 1,200 averaged south of the border.

#26 We’ve More Water- Water, water everywhere.  Per capita: Canadians have nine times as much fresh water per person as do Americans.

#27 We’ve More Coastlines- Canadians have 243,000 km of beautiful shore to enjoy.  Americans have almost 100,000 km less coastline at 153,000 km.

#28 We’re More Clean- Not only does the air and water in Canada test better than in America, but also our cities, towns, and villages are judged as being cleaner.

#29 We’re More Democratic- Canadians and Americans are 50% male and 50%. female, but there are far more women in political power here than there.
#30 We’re More Peaceful- When it comes to victims of crime, Canada ranks as the eighth safest place in the world, with America rating number 99.

#31 We’re More Inviting – We attract more immigrants: Canada gets 5.65% of foreigners per 1,000 people while America gets 3.64% per1,000 people.

#32 We’ve Less Assassinations – Since Confederation, only three politicians here have been assassinated verses 44 politicians in America including four presidents.

#33 We’ve Fewer Lobbyists – In Canada, the ratio of lobbyists to elected officials is 12 to 1.  In America, the rate of lobbyists to elected officials is 69 to 1.

#34 We’ve Less Prisoners – In Canada, we have 114 life-long prisoners per 100,000 people.  In America, it’s 761 per 100,000) people.  That’s five times as many.

#35 We’re Far Safer – In this generation, Canada has had two mass shootings totaling 22 people.  In contrast, America has had 44 mass shootings totaling 818 people.

#36 We’ve Less Crime – The Canadian murder rate is 1.73 per 100,000 persons compared to the American homicide rate of 4.7 per 100,000 people.

#37 We’ve Safer Roads – The number of traffic fatalities on Canadian roads is 8.8 per 100,000 people.  On American roads it is 13.9 per 100,000 people.

#38 We’re More Popular – According to the Reputation Institute, Canadians are the most liked people in the world.  Americans come in at number 23.

The bottom line?  No wonder, that of all the  foreigners that live in the U.S., Canadians are by far the least likely to take out American citizenship. And now you know some of the reasons why.  Happy Canada Day!