Five Reasons the World Needs Duck Dynasty

Let me say it loud and clear: the world needs Duck Dynasty.  It may very well be the most important program on television today.  I know to some the popular series seems like nothing more than a silly reality show – thirty minutes of bearded-men making duck calls, drinking sweet tea, hunting and blowing stuff up.  However, that’s just what is seen on the surface.  But if  you look closer, you’ll discover that Duck Dynasty is really a biblical program.  Oh, not in the sense of the Robertsons leading a 30-minute Bible study, but in providing a positive example of Matthew 5:13-16.

                                        Ye are the salt of the earth…
                                                    Ye are the light of the world…

The Robertson family each week provides a taste of salt and a glimpse of light for a culture that is increasingly tasteless and dark.  Here are five ways they do this:

Family Example – There is not a show on television that focuses more upon family in the true, traditional sense of the word.  The men and women are married and  faithful to each other.  The children show respect to their parents.  The fathers and mothers raise their own boys and girls with love, limitations, and discipline.  Grandparents are around and greatly influence the grandchildren’s lives.  The world needs to see this.

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Work Example – An important aspect of the show is the family business called, Duck Commander.  Here, the Robertsons makes duck calls.  They are financially successful, having worked hard to build a business from scratch.  The men provide for their families and the women look after the home.  You do not see government dependence.  Rather, the work principle of no success without effort is shown.  The world needs to see this.

Clean Example – For some reason, our culture believes that the only ways to be funny are to use foul language,  make crude sexual references every 5 seconds and include drinking alcohol with it all.  In Duck Dynasty you see none of this.  Instead, you can view the funniest show currently on television without ever having to worry about the cast dropping a cuss word at the very moment your 5-year-old walks by the set.  Humour without filth.  The world needs to see this.

Gender Example – Most likely, the first thing you’ll notice about the show is that there are a lot of beards.  Big beards.  And not on the women, either.  These beards are reserved for the men.  The fellas present themselves as men in the way they look, dress and act. Likewise, the gals present themselves as women in the way they look, dress (modestly) and act.  There is a clear distinction between the sexes.  Also, the guys spend  time teaching the boys how to grow up to be real men and the gals teach the girls how to grow up to be fine ladies.  The world needs to see this.

Prayer Example – The conclusion of each show is always the same; the entire clan gathered together over a meal and the patriarch, Phil, leads his family in prayer.  And it is not just a silly ditty.  It is a time of  thanking God for what He has done, ending in Jesus’ name.  And the world especially needs to see this!
                                                                 Pastor Gary