Television Viewpoint

A fourth television channel was recently launched in Russia.  A Soviet citizen turned on the first channel and saw President Putin’s speech being broadcast. He turned to the second channel and the same thing. The third channel and President Putin again. Finally he switched to the fourth channel only to find there a KGB officer wagging his finger at him and warning,”You are going to get into trouble with all this switching!”

Somewhat similar is television news on our continent.  In both Canada and America the basic cable news services are all generally liberal (if you want a conservative one like Sun TV here or Fox TV there) you have to pay for an extra cable package.  And so naturally most people who continually see and hear a left-wing spin will eventually adopt that viewpoint, even if the facts speak otherwise. 

Take weather events as an example.  This past week the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOMA) released their report for 2012 as far as natural disasters are concerned.  And their findings?  Last year was a combined record for droughts, fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.  Now before you say, “Tell me something I don’t already  know,” (or) “Maybe there really is such a thing as global warming,” –  it was not a record year for the most combined disasters, rather it was a record year for the least combined disasters.

Take tornadoes.  According to NOMA, not only did Mother Nature set a record in 2012 for the fewest tornadoes in recorded weather history, she absolutely shattered it.  Generally, North America averages a total of 247 tornadoes every twelve months, but last year that number was down to 197 or fifty less.  The others (droughts, fires, hurricanes) are also down.

(By the way, the same goes for gun violence.  According to the U.S. Justice Department, murders by handguns have dropped by 40% over the last 25 years.  And other gun crimes over the same time period have decreased by even steeper figures of over 70%.)

Nevertheless, when public opinion pollsters do their surveys, the overwhelming majority of people (90%) believe the opposite to be true.  But how can this be?  One word, television.  When a natural disaster happens (like the Moore tornado) or gun violence occurs (like the Newtown shooting) the media coverage is immediate and endless.  Add to this the media’s overwhelming bias towards global warming causation or gun control necessity, and you have a recipe for the average television watching person really believing that, “the sky is falling.” unless we do something radical about it. 

Now to be fair, most men and women don’t spend their time keeping track of the yearly total of natural disasters or gun murders (and leftist movements use this to push their extreme agendas), but some people do keep count and I am glad to pass these numbers on to you.

The bottom line?   The last thing we want to say when it comes to being an informed citizen is this,  “The only thing I know is what I see on television.”
                                                                  Pastor Gary