Grapes of Wrath

A pastor decided that a visual demonstration would add emphasis to his sermon.  So four worms were placed in four jars. The first worm in a container of alcohol. The second worm in a container of cigarette smoke. The third worm in a container of chocolate syrup. And the fourth worm in a container of good clean soil.  At the conclusion of his lesson, the reverend reported the following results – The first worm in alcohol was dead. The second worm in cigarette smoke was dead. The third worm in chocolate syrup was dead.  The fourth worm in good clean soil was alive.  So the minister asked the congregation, “Now, what do we learn from this demonstration?”  A little old lady at the back quickly raised her hand and said, “As long as you drink, smoke, and eat chocolate, you won’t have any worms!”

A recent controversy arose in Baptist circles over the subject of believers and drinking and it involved Bob Jones University.  The fundamentalist school published a book entitled, The Christian And Drinking in which their professor of Old Testament Theology, Dr. Randy Jaeggli, stated his belief that the Bible teaches social drinking as an approved use of alcohol by the saints.  Sadly, this does not surprise me as I have seen this teaching coming more and more into Bible-believing churches.  What used to be found solely in Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism (and increasingly in evangelicalism), is now working its way into fundamentalism.  But you can relax, I am not fermenting any new position here, it’s still – no sips on any lips.

The term teetotaler is a corrupted spelling of tea and total.  It comes from old colonial times when beverage options, beyond water, were much more limited than today; i.e., either tea or alcohol.  And those who chose only the former (tea) came to be known an teetotalers.  Here is a list of the famous who were or are teetotalers.

Mohammed Ali
Prince Andrew
David Beckham
Chuck Berry
Joe Biden
Warren Buffet
George Bush
John Cadbury
Naomi Campbell
Jim Carrey
Eric Clapton
Tom Cruise
John Diefenbaker
Robin Gibb
Billy Graham
Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Anthony Hopkins
Jesse James
Steve Jobs
Elton John
Stephen King
Bruce Lee
Jay Leno Abraham Lincoln
Jennifer Lopez
Toby Maguire
Bill O’Reilly
Marie Osmond
Al Pacino
Jim Parsons
Doctor Phil
Albert Pujois
Vladimir Putin
John D. Rockefeller
Mister Rogers
Mitt Romney
Ringo Starr
Rod Stewart
Tim Tebow
John Travolta
Pierre Trudeau
Donald Trump
Shania Twain
Denzil Washington
Mae West
Robin Williams