Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Israel’s Worst Fear Coming True

A rabbi was at odds with his congregation. The president of the synagogue said, “Rabbi, we must have a conference to settle this dispute once and for all.” So the rabbi, the president and the ten elders met together to discuss the issue – but the rabbi soon discovered that he was the sole dissenting opinion. After some discussion, the president of the synagogue announced, “Let us now vote and let the majority rule.” When the votes were collected, the president said, “Rabbi, you are outvoted eleven to one, we have the majority.”

The rabbi rose to his feet, “So you think you are right and I am wrong because of a vote. Well, think again, for I will, like the prophets of old, call on the Holy One of Israel to give us a sign that I am right and you are wrong.” Immediately, a deafening clap of thunder sounded, accompanied by a brilliant flash. The mahogany table they were gathered around was cracked in two. The room was filled with smoke and the president and the elders were thrown to the floor, but the rabbi remained standing – untouched and triumphant.

The president of the synagogue slowly rose from underneath the table. His hair was singed, his glasses where hanging from one ear and his clothes were in great disarray. Finally, after some time, he responded saying, “Alright, alright, so it is eleven to two. But we still have the majority!”

It now appears that only God and Israel will be left standing against Iran.  Let me explain.  For almost forty years, the nations of the world have been using sanctions against the Iranian government because of its refusal to allow inspections of its nuclear program.  And during this time, the regime in Tehran has been defiant in the face of such sanctions.  And  along the way, the ancient Persian nation has let it be known that their number one foreign policy objective is the total destruction of Israel.
Also, to help accomplish this goal, the mullahs have been state sponsors of terrorism against Jews both inside and outside of the land of Israel  But now the new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has done an about face.  In a smiling conciliatory speech at the United Nations (and later in a phone call with the White House) Rouhani announced that his nation does not have any intention of building a nuclear weapon and is desirous for new negotiations with the West.  This sudden warming up of the world to Iran is nothing short of a nightmare for the State of Israel.  And so Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu followed up the Iranian leaders’ trip to the West with a visit of his own.  Here Netanyahu delivered strong words of caution as well as fresh intelligence to show that these conciliatory gestures by Iran are nothing more than a smoke screen to conceal an unabated march toward a nuclear bomb.  In what was described as a tense meeting with Barak Obama, Bibi said he presented “some very hard facts” to the President of the United States showing that Iranian behaviour has not changed.  In response, the White House said, while it is aware of Israel’s concerns, there are no plans to reverse the latest diplomatic push.

The bottom line? The prophet Zechariah said in (14:1) the day will come when all nations of the world will come against Israel –  America, Iran, and even Canada!