Firestorm at Firefox

“I believe in same-sex marriage,
the same sex with the same woman.”

Brendan Eich is one of the pioneers of the internet system, having invented both Java Script for Netscape and Firefox for Mozilla. Thus it seemed only natural that when Mozilla needed a new CEO, Brendan was their man.  So the company issued a press release announcing the appointment of the technological  genius.  However, ten days later, Mr. Eich was out of a job.  Now, what had Brendan done to have had to clean out his still freshly-painted office so fast – a false resume, theft of funds, selling of secrets?  No, none of the above.  Rather, it was discovered by gay activists that six years earlier Eich had written out, as a private citizen, a cheque for $1,000 in support of  traditional marriage.  The gay gestapo took their findings to Mozilla and threatened a boycott unless a change was made at the top.  And for this Mr. Eich was – given the pink slip, shown the door, thrown out on his ear (even though no one ever accused Brendan Eich of being personally anti-gay towards any individual).  However, to be fair, the gay mafia did say that if Eich issued a public statement renouncing his past support of traditional marriage only and promised in the future to promote gay nuptials, they’d call off the hit men and cancel the contract on his livelihood.  Brendan refused and now his business career lies in ruin.

The bottom line? In today’s social culture, it is the heterosexual that had better not come out of the closet.