Holocaust Two

Canada is one of only four nations in the entire world (China, Cuba, North Korea) that has absolutely no abortion law whatsoever.  Here’s a brief history.  In 1892, the Canadian federal government passed a law prohibiting abortion, placing it under the criminal code.  In 1969, Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, began the first liberalizing of the abortion law.  In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada threw out completely the entire law against abortion, stating that it violated the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms for women.  Since that decision, well over 3,000,000 babies have been aborted in Canada with one out of three pregnancies being terminated and one out of four women having the procedure in their lifetime.  Today, it annually costs Canadian taxpayers $80,000,000 a year to fund the service.  And of all the unwanted pregnancies, less than 1% are carried to term for the purpose of adoption, resulting in infertile parents waiting on average, 10 years for such a newborn.

Now, as terrible as all of the above is, comes word that aborted babies are being thrown into boxes of medical waste (along with amputated limbs, cancer tumours, etc.) and being sold to waste-to-power companies for them to incinerate to provide green electrical energy to heat  homes and hospitals, which would include the very  places of the people who aborted them in the first place.  This includes North America and Great Britain.

The bottom line?  Welcome to Holocaust Two.