During his sermon, a pastor noticed one of the young wives in the congregation, who was quite pregnant, continually rubbing her side.  After the service, he asked her at the door, “Are you okay?  I noticed during my message that you were holding onto your side.”  “Oh, I’m fine,” she answered.  “It was just the baby pushing his foot up and down against my ribs, and it hurt a little.”  The minister relieved, replied, “Well, that’s good.”  “Yes,” she continued, “It was strange though, normally your sermons put him asleep.” Well, in my weekly pastor’s page, I try not to sermonize on any one particular topic, but cover a wide array of subjects.  However, I must once again return to the topic of abortion.  In particular, Justin Trudeau and what is called genercide (sex-selective abortion). A few weeks ago, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada made it quite clear that any one who runs as a Liberal candidate must first sign a document stating that they are pro-abortion (i.e. pro-lifers are not welcome).  Shortly thereafter, the CBC  broadcast a report on the rise of girls being aborted in Canada simply because their parents wanted a boy.  (This is primarily due to the influx of Asian immigrants here, where such abortions are common in their former land).  When questioned about the report, party leaders, Harper (Conservative) and Mulcair (NDP), strongly condemned the practice.  But not Trudeau.  He simply replied it’s a parent’s right under the Canadian Charter.

I can’t and I wouldn’t tell you who to vote for.  But like Solomon (I Kings 3:16-28), you be the judge.