School News

This past Tuesday evening, the four upper-grade young ladies cooked a delicious meal for both their parents and the school teachers.  Dinner invitations were made up and given out, as well as the table being formally set.  The menu was – garden salad, biscuits and butter, iced tea, potato salad, broccoli with cheese, fried chicken breast, lemon meringue pie and coffee.  It was their final exam for the Family Living course … The church/home school graduation service was held this past Wednesday evening in the auditorium.  The five graduates were: Will Dickert (Kindergarten Five), Emma Foy (Grade Eight), Rachel Borrmann (Grade Twelve), Brielle Price (Grade Twelve), and Jared Wassink (Grade Twelve).  The academic winners were: Will Dickert (Mrs. Price’s class), Ava Foy (Mrs. Borrmann’s class), and Emma Foy (Mrs. Fischer’s class).  Also, the entire student body averaged 92% for the fourth and final report card period with Mrs. Borrmann’s class being awarded Smarties for the highest class average.  Earlier in the day, the church school staff met to go over the school year, especially regarding the book/video order.   As well, the first day of school was set for Wednesday, September 3.  This was then followed by all of our school teachers (church, home, public) being treated to lunch at The Fireside Café as our way of saying thanks for all their good work … This coming school year, three of the students (Emma, Leann, Nichola) will be taking French.  They will do so using the Rosetta Stone year-long school program … We would like to set Saturday, August 9 as the day for the work needed to be done in the downstairs classroom.  This will include: discarding the old desks and dividers, polishing the floor and finishing the new desks.