No Kidding

A family took their eight-year-old son to a fancy restaurant for his birthday.  When it came time to order, the boy said he wanted a grilled-cheese sandwich.  The waitress replied that grilled-cheese was not on the menu.  The boy said, “You have bread, don’t you?  You have cheese, don’t you?  You have butter, don’t you?”  The waitress said she would check with the chef and he agreed to make the grilled-cheese.  The boy said he also wanted a chocolate shake.  The waitress replied that chocolate shakes were not on the menu.  The boy said, “You have milk, don’t you?  You have ice cream, don’t you?  You have chocolate syrup, don’t you?”  The waitress again said she would check with the chef.  And this time as she returned the waitress was prepared: “Yes, we have milk.  Yes, we have ice cream.  No, we don’t have any chocolate syrup.”  The boy said, “You have a car, don’t you?”  Thankfully, when it comes to eating out, not all children are like this boy.  Recently, Darcy and Alicia Welsh took their little daughter, Evie, out to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday.  It was a little bistro located in the city of Calgary, Alberta.  When the Welsh family got their bill, they noticed that there was a discount taken off the total. And the savings was not given for a special price or a newspaper coupon, rather it said, Well-Behaved Kid: -$5.00.  The bistro owner explained that they were a small place, seating just 35 people, and he appreciated parents who had obviously made the effort to have their children under control and thus not take away from the dining experience of others sitting around them.

Darcy and Alicia thought it was such a unique eating-out experience, that they put a copy of the bill on the internet and soon the restaurant story went viral, traveling around the world.  But it also caused a lot of negative feedback, with the young couple being accused of bragging as to what great parents they were.  The mother and father replied that nothing could be further from the truth.  On the one hand, they understood that they had given birth to a girl who was by nature more pliant and that this made it much easier to train her.  On the other hand, they also made sure that before taking her out to eat, she was  well-rested and feeling fine, had some favorite toy with her, and the menu contained one or two items to her liking.  Finally they added, if their second child is just the opposite in temperament, you may never see them eating out in a public place again.  Now there’s a mom and dad who have a good, balanced, parental head on their shoulders.  It was the great comedian Bill Cosby who said, “It is not great parents that make great kids, it is great kids that make great parents.”  That may not be totally true, but it certainly is not totally false, either.