Old Abram was a poor tailor in a little shop located next to an upscale French bistro.  Each day at noon Abe repeated the same routine – for lunch taking his brown paper bag containing (black bread, pickled herring) and going out the back door of his place of business, where sitting on a bench just beneath the air vent of the French bistro, he’d enjoy the aroma coming from the meals prepared by the restaurant’s world-class chef.  Then Abe got the shock of his life, a bill from the bistro, charging him for smelling the wonderful odour.  The tailor went to see the restauranteur stating his case, that since there was no food ordered there was no justifiable charge.  But the owner refused to budge – the tailor was enjoying a part of the food being made, therefore he must pay for that pleasure.  So Abe took him to court.  The judge let the bistro owner testify first.  “Every day at 12:00 this person sits outside our kitchen eating his lunch and the aroma adds to the value of his meal, so we should be compensated.”  The judge then let Abe give his counter testimony, but the old man remained silent, instead reaching into his pocket and jangling some coins.  When the judge asked him what he was doing, the tailor replied, “I’m paying for the smell of food with the sound of money.”  The judge smiled and announced, “Case dismissed!”
Now, if you had the cure for world hunger, wouldn’t you want to share it?  A group called Breatharians claims to have the answer to this worldwide dilemma and other food-related diseases: stop eating.  Breatharians believe that a person can give up food and water altogether and live purely off clean air and sun light.  And those who decide to convert to this diet are told to do so gradually: going from vegetarian to vegan to raw foods to fruits to liquids and finally, nothing.

I mention all this because the New York Post carried a story, picked up by and carried on social media, of a breatharian couple who claim that they have only eaten a small piece of fruit and drank a tiny sip of broth every other day for the last decade (ten years).  As well, the lady claimed that during the entire nine months of her pregnancy, she consumed nothing at all, just sunlight and clean air (and her baby is the better for it).

The truth is, breatharianism comes from New Ageism and its teaching that the same spirit residing in humans is also found in plants, and if plants only need clean air and sunlight to survive, then we humans are no different.  (As a matter of fact, there is even a term for breatharianism in the Hindu religion – it is called “prana” which in Indian means “fasting”).  And of course, the ultimate goal of breatharianism is spiritual enlightenment, to become one with nature by being (in this case – diet) as nature is.

The Bible teaches something very different.  Paul makes quite clear in I Timothy 4:1-9 that the teaching of going without food  bringing one into a  higher state of being is of the devil.  Rather, all that God created is good and nothing is to be refused.

The bottom line?  Undercover investigative reporting has exposed various breatharians secretly feasting and so demonstrating their claim as nothing but hot air.