New Study Finds Alternative Medicine Kills Cancer Patients

A mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley, when he spotted a famous heart surgeon in his shop. The heart surgeon was waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike.  The mechanic shouted across the garage, “Hey, Doc, can I ask you a question?”  The famous surgeon, a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle.  The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, “So Doc, look at this engine. I also can open hearts, take valves out, fix em, put in new parts and when I finish this will work just like a new one. So how come I get a pittance and you get the really big money, when you and I are doing basically the same work?”  The surgeon paused, smiled and leaned over, and whispered to the mechanic: “Try doing it with the engine running!”

Today, there are two kinds of medicine that are offered to patients with illnesses.  Conventional medicine defined as, “a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery. And alternative medicine is defined as, “any of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, juicing, detoxing, etc.” …
Now it is one thing to turn to alternative forms of treatment (detoxing, herbs, juicing, etc.) for common ailments, but it is quite another thing to turn to alternative forms of treatment (detoxing, herbs, juicing, etc.) for cancer.  So says a team of research scientists.  They have just completed the largest-ever study on the debated topic of cancer: conventional medicine or alternative medicine.  The team from Yale University  looked at a data base of 34 million records of cancer patients to compare the five-year survival rate of those who went the conventional treatment route (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) versus those who went the alternative treatment route (detoxing, herbs, juicing, etc.).  In particular, they centered in on people who had non-metastatic cancer (the disease was still localized and had not yet spread to other organs).  The results?  After five years, 80% of those who received  conventional medical treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) were still alive as compared to 50% who received alternative medical treatment (detoxing, herbs, juicing, etc.).  Even more startling, breast cancer patients who used alternative medicine were five times more likely to die, colorectal cancer patients were four times more likely to die and lung cancer patients were twice as likely to pass away.  Prostrate cancer patients were also more likely to die, though the difference did not reach statistical significance.  All of the above caused the research scientists to issue a warning that generally as a treatment for cancer, alternative medicine does not cure; it kills.  And for proponents of alternative medicine who often innocently ask, “What’s the harm?” the harm is death.

The bottom line?  The Bible says in Luke 5:31, And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.