The talented comedian and movie actor, W. C. Fields, led an unrestrained showbiz life, displaying a fondness for alcohol and women.  His best friend, Gene Fowler, wrote of Fields, “No man ever worked so patiently at wrecking his body and soul as did this man.”  At Christmas time in 1946, an aged Fields was in a sanitarium when Fowler visited him.  There he saw the Hollywood legend thumbing through the pages of a Bible.  When questioned as to why, Fields replied, “I’m looking for loopholes!”  As the younger Amish move from growing food to making furniture (due to either running out of agricultural land or the expense of buying more acres)  the reality is beginning to sink in that it’s one thing to grow plants without electrical power, but it is quite another to manufacture furniture without the same, especially in greater quantity to earn more money.  So, the younger Amish are looking for loop-holes in the no-electrical-grid-use as far as power tools go and  entrepreneurs, sensing a market, are beginning to provide such.  This was the theme at the first ever Amish Tool Show in Dalton, Ohio.  There, in a massive hall, with horses and buggies outside and young bearded men in black hats and their young wives in white bonnets inside, were 127 vendors displaying everything from drills to saws to sanders –  all powered, not by electricity, but by alternative energy means.  And the youthful Amish are buying all they see.

The bottom line?  It’s not just the worldly “English” who look for loopholes when it comes to the rules.
PASTOR’S PAGE (Addendum)


When the Amish are presented with technology, they have one of five reactions  – one is immediate rejection, two is total acceptance, three is temporarily borrow, four is invent your own, or most often five, “Amish-ize” it (the latter is being done with the computer).

It’s called The Classic, and is the work of an Amish millionaire.  And unlike any computer that we would  purchase, the selling point of this machine is not what it comes with, but what it doesn’t come with – it does not connect to the internet, it does not play any videos,  it does not have any games, it does not have any speakers, and it does not have any ports to accept outside devices.  The only actual thing is does is that of simple, basic office work in the form of word processing, business accounting and spread sheets.  It’s a no-frill laptop built by the Amish for the Amish.

✓ Note – Perhaps such a computer would be a good idea for the “English” world as well.  It would certainly save a lot of wasted time spent playing video games or surfing the internet.