HUGH HEFNER (1929 – 2017)

He Won The Culture War, Lost His Soul, And Left Us With A Mess To Clean Up

One lady writes as follows: The lingerie store where my aunt works was crowded with shoppers selecting Valentine’s Day gifts for their wives. A young businessman came to the register with a lacy black negligee. My aunt noticed that the next customer, an elderly farmer, was holding a long flannel nightgown and kept glancing at the younger man’s sexier choice. When it was his turn, the farmer placed the nightgown on the counter and inquired. “Would you have anything in black flannel?”

Hugh Hefner was born in 1929 in Chicago.  In high school, he was voted “most likely to succeed” and in university graduated a four-year program in two-and-a-half years with a major in psychology and a minor in creative writing.  Hefner was then hired by various major magazine publishers to fill a variety of posts: writing, advertising, layout, etc.  From this background technically would come the risque Playboy Magazine, but philosophically it arose from  Hefner’s upbringing. Glen and Grace Hefner were godly, conservative Methodists and their son Hugh was brought up the same – going to church every Sunday morning, every  Sunday evening and every Wednesday night.  (back)

But Hefner’s parents were the kind of married couple that believed it was improper to publicly display any kind of romantic affection (i.e. no hand holding walking down the street, no arm around the shoulder sitting on the couch, no daily kiss goodbye or welcome home, no  cards, gifts, dates, flowers, etc.).  And Hugh determined that when he grew up and was out on his own, things were going to be just the opposite.  So, totally rejecting biblical morality and modesty – his Playboy magazine, Playboy bunnies. Playboy clubs, and Playboy mansion became synonymous with scantily-clothed women and unlimited sexual pleasure.
As commentators have written of Hugh Hefner – “He sold the idea that there was a party going on and everyone  needed to throw off their inhibitions and join in …  He did not start the sexual revolution, but he was certainly one of its generals … He didn’t invent immorality, but he did mainstream it … He was the bath-robe wearing pied piper of pornography … He claimed to be living out every man’s ultimate fantasy.”

Now at the end of the day we need to ask, “Is life better because of Hugh Hefner and his desired legacy that sexuality is nothing more than just a meaningless transaction between two bodies to be engaged in with as many people as possible?”  The answer is a resounding no.”  It wasn’t better for marriages as divorce rates sky-rocketed.   It wasn’t better for men and women as sexually-transmitted diseases became epidemic.  It wasn’t better for parents battling to keep  their children from seeing pornography on the internet.  It wasn’t better for half of all boys and girls  now being raised in broken homes.  It wasn’t better for countless babies aborted in the womb.  All this is why I said at the start of Hugh Hefner – he won the culture war, lost his soul, and sure left us with a mess to clean up.

PASTOR’S PAGE (Addendum)


We live is a very pornographic age.  Photography was invented in the year 1839 and ten years later the word pornographer entered into the dictionary.  Today, North America is the world’s largest producer and exporter of hardcore pornographic videos and website materials. Concerning videos, Hollywood releases 400  films per year, but the porn industry releases 700 films a year. And concerning websites, one out of every ten are pornographic with 68,000,000 internet visits made every day.  That’s 25% of all hits on the web, more than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

But God has provided a Bible book, Song Of Solomon that is a wonderful balance of purity and passion.  And the best contemporary commentary I have read on this biblical canticle is The Book Of Romance, by Pastor Tommy Nelson.  Subtitled, What Solomon Says About Love, Sex, And Intimacy, it follows Solomon and Shulamith from their first initial meeting, through their courtship and marriage, into their honeymoon, and then onto their lives together.  And whether you are single, newly married, or approaching an anniversary – this is a good guide that has much to reveal about finding and keeping the love of your life.