A little girl came home from her first day at school.  She was particularly excited about a fairy tale the teacher had read at book time.  It was a romance  between a rich prince and a poor lady.  After going through just about every detail she said to her mother, “And Mommy, do you know what happened to the two of them at the end of the story?”  And Mom said, “I know, they lived happily ever after.”  The five-year-old replied, “Oh no, mother, they got married!”

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, American Meghan Markle will marry England’s Prince Harry at Saint George Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle in London.  It is only the second time in English history that a Yank has married a Brit (the first being Wallis Simpson, wed to the Duke of Windsor in France in 1937).

Rachel Meghan Markle was born in 1981 in Los Angeles, California.  She attended private school in Hollywood and graduated from university with dual degrees in theatrical arts and international studies.  Meghan is an accomplished actress in both television and movies, as well as having her own fashion line and lifestyle website.  She has millions of fans from her film work, clothes designs and internet site.  However, this beautiful, personable, outgoing, bi-racial, multi-talented, internationally travelled, flamboyantly outfitted woman is about to enter a very different world. One, which in many ways, will be a complete 180-degree turn in just about every area of her life. …


● No bright fingernails or lip stick or false eye lashes …● No bare legs in heels …  ● No cleavage or mini-skirts … ● No cross-body bags or large purses … ● No slouching, skipping or running … ● No wedge shoes … ● No head down when walking, sitting, curtsying, going up or down stairs  … ● No crossing legs, only ankles … ● No stabbing food with fork, but balanced on top … ● No public display of affection … ● No shellfish, due to danger of food poisoning and no garlic due to bad breath … ● No yawning … ● No acting on stage, film or television …  ● No modelling …  ● No social media (not website, face-book, twitter, e-mail, etc. …  ● No going home to bed when visiting the queen until she retires, usually11:30 each night …  ● No wearing the tiara before 6:00 at night …  ● No going out alone, must be with security (she is being schooled in self-defense)  …  ● No magazine interviews or photo-shoots …  ● No turning back on queen …  ● No voting or public opinion about anything …  ● No home ownership, must live at royal residences …   ● No displaying used portion of table napkin …  ● No foreign accent (she is receiving linguistic lessons) …  ● No standing or sitting apart from your husband at a public event where both present …  ● No giving autographs … ● No religion but the state church …  ● No brides-maids over age thirty, just youth or children …  ● No vegetarianism (the royal family are hunters and meat-eaters) …  ● No birth name (she must officially become  known by feminine form of husband’s name) but can still be called birth name …  ● No seconds (when the queen’s done eating, you’re done) …  ● No going to royal event without a hat …  ● No entering a room until all royal family members in rank ahead of you enter, including your husband.  And on and on the list goes.
Only time will tell for this American now in London.