Guess Who’s #1 In The World For
Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

One day a first-grade teacher was reading the tale of Chicken Little to her class. She came to the part of the story where Chicken Little tried to warn the farmer.  She read, “…. and so Chicken Little went up to the farmer and said, ‘The sky is falling, the sky is falling!’”  The teacher then paused, asking the class, “And what do you think that farmer said?”  One little girl raised her hand, “I think he said – ‘Holy cow! A talking chicken!’”  The teacher was unable to teach for the next ten minutes.

When Donald Trump announced that the United States was pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, the howling cries from left-wing environmentalists could be heard around the globe.  From Canada to China and throughout Europe, the world denounced the American president’s decision as both reckless and in total contradiction to “settled science”.  Without the Paris Climate Accords, they argued, the earth would soon find itself cascading off the global warming cliff (with our own Prime Minister leading the group of “Chicken Littles” in proclaiming that we are all going to die and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault).  But, as you may have noticed, we are all still here.  And not only that, but despite the gloom-and-doom warning of the likes of Justin Trudeau and his fellow socialist leaders, America is now the world leader in cutting carbon dioxide emissions.  Yes, that’s right.  According to the  latest United Nations report measuring global carbon dioxide emissions from the use of oil, gas and coal – the United States reduction is more than double that of any other nation.  And all this while the American economy is booming (growing at the breakneck speed of 4.1% in the second quarter of this year) primarily due to tax reductions and affordable energy.

Oh, and Canada?  During the same time period the Land of the Maple Leaf has increased, not decreased, its carbon dioxide emissions.  Such news led Angel Curria, secretary-general of the OCED (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) to express frustratingly: “I just don’t understand it.  In Canada, you have a government where there is a very strong political will to reduce, but it is not going as planned.  Whereas in America, you have a government that has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords and is nevertheless leading the globe in carbon dioxide  emission reduction.  It just doesn’t make sense.”

It makes sense to me.  For when it comes to the environment and just about everything else – free enterprise with voluntary compliance almost always out-trumps (pardon the pun) a state-controlled economy with mandatory dictates.  However, even though Trump’s America is the most ecology-friendly nation on earth, the Chicken Littles continue to run around saying the sky is falling, the oceans are rising and the media is only too happy to join in with them.

The bottom line?  How can they expect any sensible person to believe what they say the weather will be like in 100 years, when they can’t even accurately predict what the weather will actually be like tomorrow?