Why Apple (Corp) is Shaking in Its Boots!

I Always Believed That Apple
Feared No One, But I Was Wrong

A farmer had an apple orchard.  However, in doing a perimeter inspection of it, he was discouraged to discover that the local thieving youth were eating him out of his profit.  So he put a sign up that read, “Warning, One Of These Apples Has Been Injected With Poison.”  The next morning he found these words written below his own, “Now There Are Two.”

One man writes – I have always believed that Apple feared no one.  Valued at over one trillion dollars, the maker of iPhones/iPads could do whatever it wanted.  When marketing its products, they can count on the loyalty of tens of millions of passionate customers making them immune to any market fluctuations.  As well, Apple is also on the cutting edge of supporting liberal social issues and doesn’t really care what conservatives think of its progressive policies.

All meaning, forget protesting, better to just accept the fact of Apple and get on to other things in life.  So you can imagine my surprise when I recently found out that Apple does fear someone – trembling in the face of an adversary which I never imagined to be so strong.  And who is that someone?   It’s me.  (Of course, not just me, but others like me as well.) I found out about this hidden fear in a Wall Street Journal article.  The reporter told of the Apple entry  into the lucrative home entertainment market.  And I was astonished at what I read. Like all the giant tech companies, Apple is looking for ways to expand its products and services beyond mere iPhones/IPads, earmarking some billions of dollars last year for Hollywood programing  Apple will then present this slate of movies and shows to compete with the established networks and video streamers.  And like just about everything else in entertainment, I expected the company to promote the same morally-depraved fare so injuring our society.  And true to form, some of the initial productions contained gratuitous sex, expletive profanity and scenes of violence.  But Apple rejected these, sending them back to the editing room to see if they can be turned into more family-oriented fare.  You see, Apple knows something most people don’t – that there are still a lot of North Americans offended by such programming.  And I don’t mean activists, but the many millions who still cling to old-time Christian values.  And if these folk don’t like what they are being given, they can and will take it out on Apple’s bottom line – by not buying their electronic devices and switching to other high-tech providers.

So yes, Christian, they are afraid of you and the extra money being spent says so.  And if you are still not satisfied with Apple TV?  Then unlike Eve, this is one Apple from which you may want to stay away.


When Adam and Eve got booted out of  paradise, it not only changed them for the worse, it also did the same to the apple they were eating.  This is because prior to the fall you could bite into one of these juicy fruits, leave it for a while to tend to the garden, and then return to find the apple exactly as you left it.  But suddenly, brown spots began to appear, and soon, left to itself, the entire fruit degenerated into a brown mush (and so it has been since).  However, this is about to change.  Both the United States and Canada have approved, for human consumption, the first non-browning apple.  It is called the Arctic Apple and was created in British Columbia. Here’s how it works.  Genetically, the apple is really very complicated (being composed of 57,000 different genes compared to the human’s 21,000), so it took scientists quite a while, eighteen years to be exact, to finally discover that there were four genes that caused brownage. They then took an apple seed, disabled those four genes within it, and grew a new batch of the fruit.  Then, cutting the apple and exposing it to air, three days later it was still as white as could be.  As you can imagine, this has really revved up the GMO (genetically modified organisms) debate concerning man-made food mutations. On the one side, you have those who see it as science at its very best. On the other side, you have those who view it as a coming nutritional apocalypse (to quote a famous advertising slogan, “It’s not nice to fool with mother nature.”)  And what does the Scripture say?  The truth is, when it comes to GMOs, this is one of those areas where all reputable theologians agree that the Bible is basically silent on the matter.  So – Did the  apple just get better? (or) Did the apple just get worse?  Only God knows and He isn’t saying either way; meaning, only time (and our tummies) will tell.

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