During his sermon, a pastor noticed one of the young wives in the congregation, who was quite pregnant, continually rubbing her side.  After the service, he asked her at the door, “Are you okay?  I noticed during my message that you were holding onto your side.”  “Oh, I’m fine,” she answered.  “It was just the baby pushing his foot up and down against my ribs, and it hurt a little.”  The minister relieved, replied, “Well, that’s good.”  “Yes,” she continued, “But it was strange though, normally your sermons put him asleep.”  If ever a wake-up call is needed, it’s for the following:

If I were to ask you what was the leading cause of death in the world last year, what would you say?  Here are numbers two through ten: heart (10 million), cancer (9 million), respiratory (6 million), stroke (6 million), dementia (3 million), diabetes (2 million), accidents (2 million), diarrhea (1.5 million) and tuberculosis (1.5 million) – and most people would answer one of these.  But few respond with the actual number one cause of death, abortion – a staggering 42,000,000 (forty-two million).  That number is more than all the other nine combined. And according to the World Health Organization, 99% of those abortions were elective – performed not due to a medical reason, but simply because the baby was not wanted – i.e., just about everyone of these deaths were totally preventable. … And abortion-wise, things are not about to get better, but worse.  This month, New York became the first state in the union (with others expected to follow) to completely legalize abortion for any reason at any pregnancy stage, up to and including the end of the ninth month.  Not only that, but these abortions can now be performed by any medical professional (nurse, dentist, paramedic, etc.) not just physicians.  Of course, Canada has no abortion law whatsoever, not since the Supreme Court struck it down here in 1988.  As well, the Democratically-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is seeking to undo all of President Trump’s anti-abortion measures since he took office.

The bottom line?  For those who say what’s in a womb is not an actual human being, but just a fetus – the Latin word from which fetus comes means “little one”.

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In good news about life, a major medical announcement has been made in Israel.  The Jerusalem Post reports, A Cure For Cancer?  Israeli Scientists Say They Will Have Such Within The Next Year.  The article quoted a group of Jewish scientists as saying, “We believe within one year that we will be able to offer a complete cure for cancer.  This medicine, when administered, will begin to work immediately, take about two weeks to finish, and will have little if any side effects.  The medical “cocktail” will contain both general antibiotics for properties found in all cancers and specific antibiotics for properties found in the individual’s cancer.”  And they stressed that unlike the treatment for AIDS, which must be taken for life, this prescription is only required for around fourteen days.