A woman was shopping at Walmart and came to the check-out  to pay for her purchases.  As she opened her purse to get money out, the cashier noticed the lady had the television remote-control inside.  She asked, “Do you always carry around the television remote with you?”  The wife replied, “No, but my husband refused  to come shopping with me and so I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him!”

Phil Vischer is the co-creator of Veggie-Tales, the animated cartoons that espouse Christian values.  He, and fellow co-creator, Mike Nawrocki, write the scripts and do most of the voices, including Bob and Larry.

(As of 2019, Veggie-Tales has sold more than 175 million videos making it all-time best-seller in that format.  And add to this: 16 million books, 7 million music compact discs, and 80 million music streams plus all the merchandising of toys, clothes, games, etc. As well, a brand-new season of Veggie-Tale episodes is being aired on cable beginning this fall.  And a major movie is scheduled to be in theatres later next year, being produced by Universal’s Dream-Work Animation, one of the world’s leading studios.)

Vischer was recently interviewed about the increasing rise of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-sexual) characters in secular children’s cartoons, especially among the three major providers of such programming: Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon.

He had a number of things to say, including:

“Parents are going to have to deal with a growing LGBT presence in children’s media.  It is going to show up more and more because the world has decided that LGBT issues are in the same categories as race and civil rights.  So to say that you shouldn’t have a same-sex couple on Sesame Street is equivalent to saying you shouldn’t have a non-white couple on the show.” … “If I get pressure from Hollywood to show two men or two women getting married because it’s been decided that this is what is right and correct, my response is: ‘No, I won’t.   That’s not what I believe.’  And it’s not going to happen on Veggie -Tales.” … “One of the things that really concerns me about the volume of children’s programs out there is that it’s mostly secular, and in all those thousands of hours of television that kids are consuming, they never see someone reading their bible, bowing their head in prayer or stepping foot inside a church.”

But it was his last comment that especially caught my attention.  Phil Vischer was asked about the very popular PBS cartoon show, Arthur in which Mr. Ratburn, Arthur’s third-grade school teacher, gets married to another man.  PBS defended the episode as simply showing reality.  But Vischer asks, if it’s all about reality, then what about the fact that 50% of the country is adamantly against gay marriage?  Why weren’t half the cartoon characters  shown walking out instead of everyone giving a standing ovation?

✓Note – Scientists released results of the largest study ever done in search of the gay gene.  And researches, after genetically looking at close to a half-million straight and gay individuals, stated there is no genetic difference between the two (i.e., no gay gene exists).