CORONA VIRUS Summer Swoon?

A young couple were sitting in a swing on a porch at a country home.  The young man noticed a tear coming down the face of the young lady.  He said, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?  No problem.  I’ll just kiss it away.”  This went on for a while until finally he said, “Is there anything I can do to stop the tears?”  She said, “No darling.  It’s hay fever.  But please, keep up the treatments, anyway!”
Today, the talk is not one of hay fever, but of viruses;  in particular, the coronavirus.  It is dominating the news both home and abroad.  And it’s having an effect on everything we normally do as a society.
However, are the days of the coronavirus numbered?  There are those experts who say yes and here’s why: There are three things a virus hates: One, a lot of sunlight.  Two, a rise in temperatures.  And three, an increase in humidity.  In other words, summertime.  This is because the virus droplets are encased in a rubber-like substance that enables it to survive in the winter cold, but in the summer heat the casing melts,  allowing the surrounding elements to eviscerate it.   This is why a cold is called a cold, it needs the cold.
The bottom line.  So as we begin to see the celsius numbers starting to rise, look for the coronavirus numbers to begin going down.
Similar – Here’s where they are the same:  One, they both spread by contact (touching a contaminated person or surface and then touching your face is a surefire way to get sick).  And two, they both target the respiratory system (high fever, sore throat, muscle aches, headaches, shivers, stuffy runny nose, fatigue, etc.).
Different – Here’s where they differ: One, you have the coronavirus twice as long before showing any symptoms as compared to influenza (and are thus contagious twice as long).  Two, you are more likely to get a secondary illness from the coronavirus as opposed to influenza complications developing (but still 8 out of 10 who get the coronavirus will only have mild symptoms and nothing more).  Three, the mortality rate for the coronavirus is almost four times that of influenza (however, in North America, for every one person who dies from the coronavirus, five hundred will die from influenza).  Four, while just about everyone gets influenza sometime(s) in life, the coronavirus is an adult disease (scientists are still baffled as to why there are no reported cases of kids getting the coronavirus).  And five, there is no vaccine yet for the coronavirus like there are vaccines for various strains of influenza (i.e., flu shots).
Note – The Bible speaks of a coming worldwide virus in the last days that will be part of killing one-quarter of the earth’s population.  Revelation 6:8 talks of just such a  virus like unto corona (transferred from animal to man).  And undoubtedly, the increase we are seeing in animal-to-man viruses (Aids, Sars, Ebola, etc.) is a sign of the times from God to get ready for His return.