Christian School

Wingham Baptist Church School is private academy for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. It offers a Christ-centred approach to education through all the academic disciplines.

Our Curriculum

We use a combination of different curricula for our subjects, resulting in a wholistic approach to students’ education.

We use a special Canadian and world history curriculum with a firm Christian perspective. Students examine our nation’s Christian heritage beginning with our nation’s first explorers all the way to current times.

For most other subjects, we use Florida-based A Beka Book. Through the curricula we instill a desire for independent learning, an ability to solve complex problems, and an attitude that honours God.

Our Message

We believe in the importance of teaching the foundational truths that God has put forth in the Bible. As a result we hold daily Bible classes for all students where they study the stories, principles, and ideas presented in the Scriptures. We also hold a weekly chapel session where the church pastor encourages students and leads them in a study of a Biblical doctrine. What we expect of our students and staff members is that their attitudes, behaviour, and lifestyle glorifies God in all walks of life — at school and beyond.

For more detailed information about our school, contact our principal, Pastor Gary Fischer.