What Stay-At-Home Moms are Worth

An accountant’s wife went away for the weekend to visit her sister, who had just had her first baby  That left the accountant in charge, for the first time, of his own three toddlers, al under age five.  When the accountant’s wife returned, he filed the following report with her:
Number of diapers changed (40).  Number of meals prepared (30).  Number of drinks gotten (30).  Number of times cleaning up (10).  Number of times I will ever do this again (0).

Now that accountant has good reason for his newfound appreciation of motherhood.  Recently, Forbes Magazine released the results of its annual Mom Salary Survey in which researchers examined over 6,000 stay-at-home mothers to place a value on the service they provide.  The weekly duties were divided into ten separate categories with the accompanying hourly totals:

Day-care teacher (13.2 hours), Household CEO (3.9 hours), Child psychologist (7.6 hours), Chef (14.1 hours), Housekeeper (15.4 hours), Laundry (6.6 hours), Computer operator (9.5 hours), Facilities manager (10.7 hours), Janitor (7.8 hours), Driver (7.8 hours).
According to Forbes, the market-price for a similar job that requires ten titles and nearly a 100-hour work week would be $117,856 a year.  Then they added this – “If you could find someone even willing to take on the job!”