Paying the Price

Price-Tag Attacks

A Jew and a Christian were arguing about the ways of their religion. The Jewish man said, “You people have been taking things from us for thousands of years; the Ten Commandments, for instance.” The Christian replied, “Well, it’s true that we took the Ten Commandments from you, but you can’t actually say that we’ve kept them!”  In Israel, there is a growing divide within the nation between Jews who are secular and Jews who are orthodox and it is the Christians  who are paying the price.  Let me explain.  The secular Jews desire a nation that is more liberal, moving forward with the times.  The orthodox Jews desire a country that is more conservative, moving backwards into a theocracy.  And when the majority secular Jews pass laws restricting the activities of the minority orthodox Jews, groups within the latter now take out their anger on the Christians living in the Holy Land.  Called “price-tag” attacks, it is the orthodox message to the secular, that there is a price to be paid for your actions.  So far – Christian tourist sites have been vandalized, church buildings desecrated, and ministry vehicles overturned.  In each case, spray-painted messages demeaning Christ were left behind (Jesus is a b-word, i.e., illegitimate child, Jesus is a monkey, Jesus is dead, etc.).  The Israeli government has condemned the attacks, labeled the perpetrators terrorists, and formed a special task force to find and arrest the culprits.  In the meantime, believers are on heightened alert, because the latest  spray-painted price-tag message was, “Death to Christians.”