Conceived in Rape Tour

Untold Stories And Unknown Facts

Whether one is pro-abortion or anti-abortion, both sides have traditionally agreed on it being morally and legally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy if it was caused by rape or if it puts the life of the mother in danger.  Concerning the latter, it was former U.S. Surgeon General under President Ronald Reagan, C. Everett Koop, who said, “I’ve been a physician for forty years and I’ve never had or heard of a medical case where the woman’s life was in danger from carrying a child.”  But it is the other case, rape, that’s been in the news.  Two Republican senatorial candidates in the United States, Todd Aiken in Missouri and Richard Murdock in Indiana, have caused a firestorm of protest over their questioning the rape exception in the abortion law.  And the mainstream media reaction has been so ballistic that the two Republicans vying for the highest office in the land, Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan and Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney –  have both let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that they completely disagree with the two would-be senators and will always stand by the rape allowance for abortion.  And to further show the American electorate their party’s penance, Ryan and Romney have pulled funding and/or support from both the Aiken and Murdock campaigns.  Also piling on are conservative columnists who lambasted the two Tea Party members for now costing Republicans control of the Senate and maybe even the White House itself (by playing into the Democratic Party charge that Republicans are carrying on a war against women) …
… But finally one woman, Rebecca Kiessling, has said enough is enough.  Rebecca is a successful lawyer who graduated in the top of her class from a very prominent law school.  Mrs. Kiessling is happily married and the mother of five children, all of whom she home-schools.  But Rebecca is also something else, a child of rape.  This in turn has led to a national ministry in which she  speaks in support of removing the rape exception from abortion laws.  And in response to this now election year issue, Rebecca’s organized a Conceived In Rape Tour, in which children of rape tell their untold stories.  Also at these events, she makes three main points:

#1 – “The Supreme Court has said that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment for rapists.  But I don’t believe innocent children conceived in rape deserve the death penalty (abortion) for the crime of their father.  To me, this is the real cruel and unusual punishment.”

#2 – “The worst thing that can happen to a woman who has suffered rape  is to have an abortion.  Rape victims who abort are four times more likely (suicide, drug overdose, etc.)  to die within a year after than those who give birth.  These women who choose life find it very healing.  The public needs to be made aware of this.”

#3 – “In North America, there are over 3,000,000 unwanted pregnancies every year.  Of that total, 30,000 are sadly from rape.  But whereas 50% of all non-rape unwanted pregnancies are terminated, less than 25% of rape victims choose abortion.  Instead, the majority of these brutally violated women choose life for the child.  These mothers need to be upheld for their courage.”

Rebecca has put her story on film.  It is called, From Worthless To Priceless.  The account  includes how she came to be saved even though raised in an observant Jewish home.  We will show the video before year end.