Saviour or Savior?

Two men met on an air plane and one man asked the other about his religious faith…

“Are you a Christian?”  “Yes.”
“Protestant or Baptist?”  “Baptist.”
“Evangelical or fundamental?”  “Fundamental.”
“Fellowship or independent?”  “Independent.”
“Local Church or invisible church?”  “Local.”
“Sprinkling or immersion?”  “Immerse.”
“Church Membership or adherent?  “Member.”
“Hymns or choruses?”  “Hymns.”
“Men pastors or women preachers?”  “Men.”
“Tithing or freewill giving?  “Tithing.”
“Short hair or long hair” “Short.”
“Dresses or pants?”  “Dresses.”
“King James Version or New King James?”  “KJV.”
“Jesus’s words printed in black or in red?”  “Red .”

…“Red?  You heretic!”  And with that the man asking the questions ceased to smile, turned away, and refused to speak any further with the individual.

I mention the above because those who hold an extreme position when it comes to the King James Version of the Bible are in the news.  This Christmas they are warning all fundamentalists to be aware of KJV Bibles being printed in America that have changed the British way of spelling “Saviour” to the American way of spelling“Savior”.  The reason?  A concern over the different number of letters in each spelling.

The British form (Saviour) totals seven letters and this is critical to them because seven in the Bible is the number of God and completion.  So it is always to be spelled (Saviour) depicting Calvary’s complete work.

The American form (Savior) totals six letters and this is critical to them because six in the Bible is the number of man and incompletion.  So it is never to be spelled (Savior) thus depicting Calvary’s incomplete work.

In a sermon entitled, The Saviour Spelling Heresy, one preacher accused the American KJV printers of being in devilish cahoots with the modern translation printers and warned all believers to check their Bibles to see that it is Saviour and not Savior.  And if it is?  Burn that book and get a real Bible.  Another assured his followers that they can take heart in the fact that “there may be many saviors but there is only one Saviour.”  And of those old-time KJV users who refuse to go along with this?  They are being labeled as examples of end-time apostasy. 

My opinion?  I love the KJV and have been using it for over 40 years.  However, I don’t believe this British-American spelling difference of one word is quite what God had in mind when he wrote in Revelation 22:19,

    And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Jesus is the One who saves from sin.  And it doesn’t matter to me which way that title is spelled, or spelt.