The Tale of Two Tommys

Thomas Mulcair is the current leader of the federal New Democratic Party.  Tommy Douglas was the first leader of the New Democratic Party.  Thomas Mulcair is the eighth leader of the NDP.  Tommy Douglas was the founder of the NDP.  Thomas Mulcair is a Quebec lawyer.  Tommy Douglas was a Baptist minister.  Thomas Mulcair is on public record as stating that evangelical Christians are un-Canadian for believing that homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle.  Tommy Douglas was an evangelical Christian who  put on public record his belief that  homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle. 

Now here’s the question for Mr. Mulcair.  When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation conducted a poll across the country for the greatest Canadian ever, Mr. NDP, Tommy Douglas, was the hands-down winner.  Does this now make Mr. NDP, Tommy Douglas, un-Canadian?  In addition, does this now make all those citizens who voted for, Mr. NDP, Tommy Douglas,  un-Canadian?  Furthermore, does this now make the CBC, who dared to include Mr. NDP, Tommy Douglas, on the survey, un-Canadian?  And let’s not stop there.  Mr. Mulcair, you are a Roman Catholic.  The official position of the Roman Catholic church is anti- homosexuality.  Does this now make all those Catholics, including your own local parish priest and fellow parishioners, un-Canadian? What about Judaism?  It’s  anti-homosexuality?  Does this now make all Jews un-Canadian?  Same for Moslems, Hindus, Sheikhs, etc.   

Then there are those veterans who answered the call of duty and fought for the freedom we all enjoy.  That age group has historically been against gay marriage.  Does this now make them un-Canadian?

This all started when Mr. Mulcair found out that the evangelical ministry called Crossroads Communication (which airs 100 Huntley Street) received a $400,000 matching grant from the Canadian government to go to Africa and dig wells for poor people that they might have fresh water to drink.  Because the organization is made up of Bible-believers (and therefore opposed to the gay lifestyle) Mr. Mulcair immediately demanded that the ruling Conservative Party withdraw any remaining funds and immediately bring the volunteers home due to their un-Canadian values.  So, according to the leader of Her Majesty’s  Official Opposition – it isn’t good enough to just do good, you must also think the right way, which means his way, while you are doing it. 

Thankfully, Mr. Harper disagreed and the project continues.  As the Prime Minister stated, in this country we have something called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which not only allows us to believe what we want to believe but also to express those beliefs (as long as it doesn’t spill over into becoming hate language).  And no one has even the slightest proof of that here.

The bottom line?  There is a story in the Old Testament about God bringing a drought upon the people of Israel because of their continued  worship of Baal.  But when King Ahab meets Elijah, the king blames the prophet for no rain, stating, Thou art he that troubleth Israel.  And so it is today.  To the liberals, every problem Canada faces can be laid at the feet of one group of people – those who are born-again believers.