Are You the Average Canadian?

Q & A – When it comes to the typical Canadian, are you above or below average? If you are above, put an (A).  If below, put a (B). Then total the (A)s and (B)s to see.

__Average Female Height (5 Feet, 4 Inches)
__Average Female Weight (148 Pounds)
__Average Female Life Expectancy (83 Years)
__Average Female Age Of Marriage (29 Years)

__Average Male Height (5 Feet,10 Inches)
__Average Male Weight (185 Pounds)
__Average Male Life Expectancy (79 Years)
__Average Male Age Of Marriage (32 Years)

__Average Yearly Personal Income ($39,100)
__Average Yearly Retirement Contribution ($2,830)
__Average Yearly Charitable Donation ($260)
__Average Total Mortgage Owing ($159,000)
__Average Total Credit Card Debt ($27,000)

__Average Population Median Age (41 Years)
__Average Daily Exercise Done (24 Minutes)
__Average Yearly Doctor Visits (4 Times)
__Average Daily Sleep Time (7 Hours)
__Average Daily Reading Time (5 Hours)
__Average Daily Television View (5 Hours)
__Average Family Size In Kids (1 Child)
__Average Yearly Pet Cost ($880 Per Animal)
__Average Yearly Sick-Time Off Work (8 Days)
__Average Yearly Paid Holidays Taken (17 Days)
__Average Daily Work Commute (8 Kilometers)
__Average Lifetime Number Of Different Jobs  (11)
__Average Amount Of Coffee (3 Cups Per Day)
__Average Number Of Donuts Eaten (36 Per Year)

Total (Above) = ___      Total (Below) = ___