Has the Cure for Cancer been Found?

Back in 2005, when we first met with the oncologist to go over cancer treatment options for my wife, I mentioned to him a  comment I had recently heard that was made by some medical researchers.  They said, “We are turning the corner on a cure for cancer.”   I asked if he agreed and the good doctor replied, “No, I wouldn’t say we are turning the corner, but I would say we are coming up to the curve.”  Now eight years later, in 2013, there are those who believe that not only are we turning the corner on cancer, but perhaps we are about to complete the entire journey when it comes to a cure.  As the National Academy of Sciences reports – researchers believe they might have found the holy grail in the war against cancer, a miracle drug that has resulted in the death of every kind of cancer it has come into contact with so far.  Here’s how it works:

Step One – When we get ill, our body sends out healing white blood cells to deal with our sickly red blood cells.  The way these deadly white blood cells know how to differentiate between healthy red blood cells and unhealthy red blood cells is that, unlike the unhealthy  red blood cells, the healthy red blood cells produce a substance called CD47 (cluster of differentiation).  This protein gives out a message to the murderous white blood cells that says –  “Don’t kill us, we’re just fine.”  Thus our  infections and viruses are cured without our entire body being attacked and destroyed.

Step Two – When we get cancer, the red blood cells are sick but the white blood cells ignore them.  And the reason they do so is that the tumor tricks those cancerous red blood cells into producing the, “don’t kill us, we’re just fine” CD47 protein and thus the healing white blood cells are oblivious to what is happening inside. So the tumor is allowed to grow unhindered until it’s too late.

Step Three – For the past twenty years, Dr. Irving Weissman, chairman of the pathology department at Stanford University in California, has been heading up a team of research pathologists who have been studying the make-up and characteristics of the deceptive CD47 protein produced by cancer cells.  Then about ten years ago, they developed an anti-CD47 drug that stops the tumor from making CD47.  It was first tested on cancer in lab dishes and then on cancer in lab mice.  In both cases, the white blood cells immediately attacked the tumor, either doing away with it completely or greatly slowing its growth.  And interestingly, this one single drug worked on seven different kinds of cancers (bladder, brain, breast, colon, liver, ovary, prostrate).  Now Dr. Weissman’s team has received a $20,000,000 grant to begin testing the anti-CD47 drug on humans. But he cautions two things: One, the drug does mildly lower the CD47 protein produced by healthy red blood cells and so causes some anemia.  And two, dealing with a tumor in a human is far different than dealing with a tumor in a dish or a mouse.  But the pathologist is still very confident that cancer’s days are now numbered.

The bottom line?  Notice that Dr. Weissman is Jewish.  God did say of His chosen people in Genesis 12:2,3 –

I will make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing  and in thee shall all the families of the earth  be blessed.