MOOD SWING – Moody Bible Institute

Three Christian couples decided to go out for a time of fellowship by having a nice evening meal at a popular local restaurant.  When they arrived at the place, it was full so they were assigned a number, sent to a crowded, noisy room, and told to wait until their number was called.  While there, a cocktail waitress came by saying, “Welcome to happy hour!  Would you like to have a drink from the bar?”  The three couples graciously declined informing the waitress that they were just there  waiting until a table was available.  Ten minutes later, the woman came by a second time with the same happy hour drink invite and received the same happy hour drink decline.   After another ten minutes, the happy hour lady tried for the third time and for the third time was told a happy hour no.  This caused one of the men to comment that their table was probably being delayed in the hope that they’d first order something from the bar.  When the happy hour gal tried for a fourth time, that was too much for one of the wives and she replied, “Listen girl, we are all Baptists and this is as happy as we’re going to get, so tell them to get us a table!”

For 127 years, Moody Bible Institute in Chicago has been a conservative, evangelical training school for Christian workers.  Founded by evangelist Dwight L. Moody in 1886, the institution has had traditional and accepted standards of separation for faculty and students.
Included in this list was the total prohibition on  drinking of any alcohol or smoking of any tobacco.
But that has all changed.  The New York Times reports:

Last Saturday, Michael McDuffee had his first beer since 1994.  It was  a cold beer, refreshing.  It was a long time coming.  “I had been a man convinced that three drinks can quench our thirst: milk, lemonade, and a cold beer,” said Mr. McDuffee, who practiced his drinking as a marine.  “And for two decades I was drinking milk and lemonade.”  Mr. McDuffee is not an alcoholic newly fallen from the wagon, but rather an evangelical Christian professor at Moody Bible Institute.  When he joined the faculty nearly twenty years ago, he agreed to abide by its requirement that faculty, staff, and students not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco.  But this past summer the board of Moody voted to lift the alcohol and smoking ban.  And so this fall Professor McDuffee is now quaffing (the word means to drink alcohol heartily).

Jerry Jenkins (co-author of the Left Behind series) and chairman of the Moody board said they made the change primarily based on faculty input. For instance, “Our professors were running into situations where they couldn’t partake in a toast while giving away their child at a wedding and were finding similar situations like this to be terribly embarrassing in front of others.”

The bottom line?  Mr. Moody, who was as anti-liquor a preacher as ever was and who rescued thousands from the evil of the bottle, must be turning over in his grave.