How to Date Jesus’ Wife

“Scientists Say Jesus Had A Wife” – this is the headline gone around the world.  And where did it come from?  (In 2012, Harvard Divinity School’s Karen King, unveiled a papyrus fragment she called, The Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife.  The 1″ by 3″ piece of parchment contains only these words, Jesus said to them, My wife… with the rest of the sentence cut off.  Found in Egypt and written in Coptic, the archaeological find was sent to experts to ensure it wasn’t a recent forgery.  Their tests confirmed  its authenticity, but they said it was written 800 years after Christ, not 400 as Dr. King had said.)  But never was such a definitive headline followed by so many indefinitie statements (“could, might, maybe, possibly, etc.”)  And what the article failed to say is that this would be the first text, out of thousands of ones we have about Jesus, to indicate he was married, if it’s even saying that at all.  Also, no historian would take one text and overturn multiple ones and twenty centuries of what has already been articulated about Christ.  To give a parallel example, how seriously would future historians take a fragmented sentence, written 800 years after Pearl Harbour, that contradicted every single report that preceded it, including eye witness accounts.  Yet sadly, most will just see the headline and take is as gospel truth, rejoicing that maybe the Bible is also  wrong about other things like – sin, judgement, and hell.

The bottom line?  It would be incredible if the four Gospel writers never mentioned Jesus as having a wife, after all, they did mention everyone else in his family.