Israel’s Demographic Time Bomb

One lady writes, “To confirm her suspicions, my sister needed to purchase a pregnancy test.  Since I was going to the pharmacy, she asked me to pick one up.  I didn’t think how it appeared to the clerk when I waddled up, nine months pregnant, to pay for the kit.  ‘Honey, she said, ‘I can save you the $15 right now.  You’re definitely going to have a baby.’”

The Jews in the Middle East have a simple baby problem – for every one Israeli woman having a child, two Palestinian women are having children.  Here are the current facts and figures.  Inside the State of Israel there are 7,829,000 people (6,135,000 Israelis and 1,694,000 Palestinians).  Outside the State of Israel  there are 4,697,000 people (4,047,000 Palestinians and 650,000 Israelis).  Thus the combined total population of the entire area is 12,526,000, which breaks down into (6,785,000 Israelis and 5,741,000 Palestinians).  Add to this that the average age of the Palestinian (21.0) is ten years younger than that of the average age of the Israeli (31.0), and by the year 2035 – the current majority (Israelis) will become the minority and the current minority (Palestinians) will become the majority.  (The only thing saving Israel from this demographic happening even quicker are the orthodox Jews who are keeping up in birth rate with that of the Palestinians.)
The bottom line?  This is why Israel is forsaking the one-state solution for the two-state one.  Otherwise, one day every Jew in the land will be voted out of office.