Look Who’s On the Jew’s Side

A rabbi put an advertisement in the classified section of the Sunday newspaper offering his services. The next day a Jewish grandmother called asking about his hours and the rabbi replied “24/6…”  Well, today is the day of rest for the believer and so I hesitate to bring up unrest.  But I am asked often about the current situation in Israel and in particular, the bias against the Jewish state.  And while wishing there was no bloodshed on either side of the conflict between the children of Isaac and the children of Ishmael, something very unusual has happened in Canada, all three of our political leaders are, without question, on Jerusalem’s side.  Let me explain.
Conservatives Pro Israel – The Liberal Party of Canada used to own the Jewish vote but the Conservative Party of Canada has stolen it from them.  Almost from the moment he assumed the leadership of his party, Stephen Harper has devoted himself to moving every Jew in Canada from the red liberal column to the conservative blue one.  And there’s no argument he has masterfully succeeded.  Today there is no Gentile in the world more esteemed by Israel than our own Prime Minister.  I wrote the following in an earlier pastor’s page about the PM’s Jewish ties: “But where does this deep love of Israel come from?  Undoubtedly, some of it has to do with being Canada’s first evangelical leader in fifty years.  However, it mostly exists because of his father, John Harper.  John was a teetotaling Presbyterian accountant who raised his family in the Leeside area of Toronto.  It was in this part of the city that many Jews who were survivors of the Holocaust, settled, and John Harper did bookkeeping for a number of them.  Their heart-breaking stories greatly touched the father and he passionately communicated them to his young son.  Finally, on his death bed, the old dad asked his now adult son to swear to him that he would never forget what the Jews had gone through and today Stephen Harper continues to deliver on that promise.”

Liberals Pro Israel – One of the reasons the Liberal Party of Canada once controlled the Jewish vote was Pierre Trudeau.  The former Prime Minister’s riding had the most Jews of any other in Quebec and so Trudeau appointed a number of Jews as cabinet members and even put the first Jewish judge on the Supreme Court bench.  An interesting aside: when Trudeau visited Israel in 1948, he was arrested by the Arabs as a spy for the Jews and put in jail, until the Israelis engineered his prison break.  And now current Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, is following in his father’s pro-Jewish footsteps in his attempt to supplant Harper as the greatest Canadian cheerleader for Israel (and win back the Jewish vote that was once hardcore Grit).  He  issued an official party statement that in the current mid-east conflict, Liberals stand totally with Jerusalem.

NDP Pro Israel – The one political party that Palestinians could always count on to take their side when it came to Israel was the NDP.  But now, much to the chagrin of the radical left of his party, leader Thomas Mulcair has also come out solidly in Israel’s corner.  This is undoubtedly due to the fact that his wife is Jewish and her parents Holocaust survivors.

The bottom line?  God said of Israel, I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.  And so for once in Canadian politics – all the parties are on God’s side because all the leaders  are on the Jew’s side.