And God Created Caffeine


Mama Bear tossed and turned, but could not fall asleep.  When her restlessness kept awaking Papa Bear, he finally cried out in exasperation; “How many times do I have to tell you, no coffee after September!”  Well today, it’s not bears and caffeine, but bees and caffeine I want to talk about.  For many years it has been known that the high concentration of bitter and toxic caffeine in coffee plants served as a natural pesticide to keep away predatory leaf-chomping insects.  But now scientists are discovering that there is also caffeine in other plants (at much lower levels).  The question is, What is it doing there?   And the answer is, for the bees.  Let me explain.  Plants need bees to pollinate them and some plants need the bee’s pollination more than others.  Those plants that need the most pollination, also have the most caffeine in them.  Thus as one researcher put it, “The plants are actually drugging the pollinators with the message – you got the most caffeine buzz here today, so come back for the most caffeine buzz here tomorrow.  And the bees do exactly that.”  So if you, like millions of other people, find that the caffeine in coffee, tea, cola, etc., seems to improve your day – you now know, you are not alone.

The bottom line?  It was the Lord God who created caffeine and then proclaimed it as being very good.  I’ll certainly drink to that!


●  Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world.  Oil is the largest traded one.

● The building that now houses the Wall Street stock exchange was originally built as a coffee exchange.

● Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and America is the largest coffee consumer in the world.

● The average coffee tree yields forty cups of coffee and it take seventy roasted coffee beans to make a cup.

● Straight black coffee, with nothing added to it (neither cream nor sugar) has zero calories.

● Espresso coffee has one-third the caffeine of a cup of coffee and dark roasted beans less caffeine than regular.

● Coffee was not first drank from a cup but a saucer, which was then much deeper and cooled it more quickly.

● English kings outlawed coffee houses because two revolutions (French/American) were planned in them.

● In the year 1600, it took just one sip of coffee by Pope Clement to proclaim the brew was not of the devil.

● George Washington was the man who invented instant coffee, in 1776, for his troops to drink during the war.

● There is almost twice as much caffeine in a Starbuck’s cup of coffee as there is in a Tim’s cup of coffee.

● The average Canadian would have to drink about 63 cups of coffee in one single day to overdose on caffeine.