Christians Need Not Apply

An engineer, a physicist, and a lawyer were being interviewed for a position as chief executive officer of a large corporation. The engineer was interviewed first, and was asked a long list of questions, ending with “How much is two plus two?”  The engineer excused himself, and made a series of measurements and calculations before returning to the board room and announcing, “It is four.”  The physicist was next interviewed, and was asked the same questions.  Again, the last question was, “How much is two plus two?” Before answering the last question, he excused himself, made for the library, and did a great deal of research. After a consultation with the United States Bureau of Standards and many calculations, he also announced,
“It is four.”  The lawyer was interviewed last, and again the final question was, “How much is two plus two?” The lawyer drew all the shades in the room, looked outside to see if anyone was there, checked the telephone for listening devices, and then whispered, “How much do you want it to be?”

Trinity Western is an evangelical university located in British Columbia.  And being such, they do not support same-sex marriage.  This in turn has led to their graduates being denied credentials (as teachers or as lawyers) by provincial professional organizations (who reason that such individuals will be homophobic and anti-gay in the classroom and courtroom).  And in each case, the message is the same – you change regarding gays and we’ll change re your graduates.

First, Trinity Western University took the provinces to court over the denying of credentials for their teachers and the college won.  The justices ruled unanimously.

There is nothing in TWU’s standards to indicate their graduates will not treat homosexuals fairly and respectfully.  Indeed, the evidence to date is that graduates of TWU’s teacher program have become competent public school educators, and there is no evidence before the court of discriminatory conduct by any graduates whatsoever.

So now here we go again.   Trinity Western University is taking the provinces to court over the same basic thing – this time the denying of credentials for their lawyers.  In the meantime, TWU is suffering a needless loss in prestige and income, for how many potential students will think twice about attending TWU if they may not be licensed in their field?  (And it is not as if TWU is some light-weight academic institution.  Just check the last ten years of Maclean’s evaluation of Canadian universities, and you’ll see the magazine regularly rates TWU in the top three in many categories.)  And one has to ask, where will this homosexuality litmus test stop?  What about those who attend gay-approving public universities, but privately are religious conservatives.   Are we going to start requiring lie detector tests for every Protestant or Catholic who wants to be a teacher or for every Muslim or Jew who wants to be a lawyer?

The bottom line?    It’s becoming clearer and clearer, if you want a job in Canada, Christians need not apply.