Holy Cow?

Two cows were grazing alongside a road when a milk tanker, on its way to the distributor, passed by.  On the side of the truck was a big sign that read, “Pasteurized, homogenized, standardized, vitamins added.”  One cow turned to the other and said, “Kind of makes you feel inadequate, doesn’t it?”

It is the general prophetic belief that right before the Lord returns the third temple will be rebuilt (and in Israel there are Orthodox Jews who are preparing just such a thing – training priests, constructing furniture, making utensils, etc.).  However, standing in the way of all this is one cow, a red heifer.  According to Numbers 19:1-10, this animal must be sacrificed before any priest or altar can be considered purified for offerings.  Now, according to the Bible, the red heifer must be without defect and never yoked. But according to the Talmud, the red heifer also has to have a coat that is all red (with only one hair of any different colours being allowed), plus the skin, hooves and eyelids also being reddish.  And therein lies the problem – for 2,000 years  the Jews haven’t been able to breed such a creature.  However, a red heifer has been born to a Christian cow-herding family in the U.S. who are following both the biblical and talmudic requirements for this animal. In turn, rabbinical experts have come to America to confirm all is being done according to their laws.

The bottom line? Maybe there is one cow in America that does have a right not to be feeling inadequate.