What Child Is This?

A little girl asked her mother, “Where did we come from”  The mom replied, “We came from God”  The child then went to her father and asked him the same question.  The dad replied, “We came from monkeys.”  The little girl went back to her mother and said, “Mommy, I’m confused.  You said we came from God, but daddy says we came from monkeys?”  To which the mother replied, “Oh, your father’s talking about his side of the family!”  There are two leaders in the creation-evolution debate.  On the creation side is Ken Ham, of Answers In Genesis.  On the evolution side is Bill Nye, The Science Guy.  In 2014, the two men had a televised debate viewed by millions.  Then last month, the second debate was held as Ken Ham and Bill Nye toured the $100 million dollar Ark replica.  On their way to the structure, they were met by a little girl who asked both men where she came from.  As the cameras rolled, Ken Ham told her she was personally created by God as taught in the Bible.  But Bill Nye told her she was the product of millions of years of evolution, to which Ham replied, “What you’re really saying is, she’s just an animal.”  Nye responded, “Yes, a wonderful, beautiful animal, but still an animal.”  The child thought for a moment and then said that she liked Mr. Ham’s answer much more than she did Mr. Nye’s.

The bottom line?  The Bible says of man, For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels; i.e., we were not created just a little above the animals, but just a little below the angels.  I, too, like God’s answer better.