The One Truth that Trumps It All

Someone had well said, “Elections are when people find out what politicians stand for and politicians find out what people will fall for.”  When Bill Clinton ran for the office of President of the United States in 1996, the word abortion was found just one time in the Democratic Party platform.  The policy position was simply stated as, “Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.”  Now fast forward twenty years with Hillary Clinton (his wife) running for President.  In the 2016 Democratic Party platform, the word abortion is found sixteen times and the word rare is nowhere to be seen.  Instead, positions such as –  The unborn infant has no constitutional protection of life right up to the day of delivery, i.e. abortion allowed even in the ninth month.  As well, if the infant somehow survives the abortion, there is still no constitutional protection of life, i.e., it can be killed outside the womb.  (There was a law proposed to stop the latter, the Born Alive Infant Act, which both Clinton and Obama, while Senators, voted against.)  In addition, the Democratic Party wants to undo the Hyde Amendment (which prohibits any tax money be used to pay for abortions) and the Helms Amendment (which forbids any tax money going to international relief organizations that provide abortion services).  In other words, if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House, it will be open season on babies.

The bottom line?  When I get my ballot in the mail, I’m voting for “The Donald” – because when it comes to this election, for me, abortion trumps everything else.

Check out the song, “Only God Knows” by Sheldon Wade Mencer.