Israel, Bird-Watcher’s Paradise

having a difficult time convincing her new baby that he, too, could fly.  The baby pigeon cried, “I can’t make the flight…I get too tired.”  His mother said, “Don’t worry; I’ll tie a piece of string to one of your legs and the other end to mine.”  The baby started to cry.  “What’s wrong now?”  said the mother. The baby said, “I don’t want to be pigeon towed!”  Every fall 500,000,000 birds take the 4,000 mile trip from Europe to Africa and then every spring the reverse.  And Israel is the half-way stopping point along the route as 540 different fowl species descend to rest and refuel (Israel is the last green spot before the desert).  In particular, this bird migratory super-highway narrows down to 1/20 its size in Israel and one only has to look up at the sky or down on the ground to see the amazing mass of fowl phenomena.  It’s also why Israel is considered the world’s bird-watching super power and ornithologists (branch of science dedicated to the study of birds) come from all over the globe to do their research here.  The Israeli Wildlife Federation has even opened the  first-ever blood-bank for birds (fowl, like humans, also have different blood types) as part of their caring for any of the migratory that need medical treatment.

The bottom line?  When Jesus told the people of Israel about God looking after them, he said to “Behold the fowls of the air”(Matthew 6:26) and he wasn’t talking about a bird or two, but millions, including you and I.