Saviour or Savior?

An American in England appeared on British radio. In the midst of the interview, the Yankee asked the Britisher if there was a Thanksgiving Day in Britain like that in the States. The Englishman replied that there was, but their holiday was in September, not November. When the American inquired as to why it was at a different time, the Britisher said, “Because that’s the day when you chaps (Pilgrims) left.” I mention the above because one of the ways America separated itself from England was in spelling of words. And in particular, the one phonetic difference I want to talk about is “-or/-our” because of the divisive issue that it has become among advocates of the King James Version (KJV). Let me explain. The KJV is not copyrighted therefore anyone can legally print a KJV Bible. And there are those in America who are starting to publish the KJV with American word spellings instead of the traditional English way. This has resulted in Saviour (British) becoming Savior (American). Why is this such a big deal to some? Because of what is called biblical numerology (a study of the meaning of Bible numbers).
Saviour (British) has seven letters and in biblical numerology seven is said to be the number of God and completion – thus those who publish a KJV Bible with Saviour are saying it means Jesus was God and his salvation work on the cross was complete. Savior (American spelling) has six letters and in biblical numerology six is said to be the number of man and incompletion – thus those who publish a KJV Bible with Savior are accused of saying that Jesus was just a man and his salvation work on the cross was incomplete. And the Saviour crowd means what they say. In a sermon entitled, The Saviour Spelling Heresy, one British preacher accused the American KJV printers of being in devilish cahoots with the modern translation publishers and warned all believers to check their KJV Bible to make sure it says Saviour and not Savior. And if it does say the latter? Then burn it and get a real KJV Bible. Another assured his followers that they can take heart in the fact that “there may be many saviors but there is only one Saviour.” And those KJV Bible users who refuse to go along with all of this are being accused of end-time apostasy. Now I love the King James Version and come 2017 it will be the only Bible I have had for 50 years. However, I don’t believe this British-American spelling difference of one word (by the way, the original Greek word, soter, consists of just five letters) is quite what God had in mind when he wrote in Revelation 22:19, And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. The bottom line? Jesus is the only One who can save us from sin. And it doesn’t matter to me which way that title (Saviour/Savior) is spelled, or spelt.