Nose Pickers

Someone has said, “A sharp nose indicates curiosity. A flattened nose indicates too much curiosity!” Well, the nose is
in the news, or what’s inside the nose (i.e. boogers). Let me explain. There is a medical theory known as the hygiene
hypothesis. It states that a child raised in an environment devoid of dirt and germs (and at the same time is given
antibiotics) is not able to build up natural resistance to disease – and so becomes vulnerable to illnesses later in life.
This in turn is believed to be the reason behind many allergies having quadrupled in the last few decades. For
instance, a study published in Pediatrics Magazine reports on 200 Swedish babies: half of whose parents spit-cleaned their infant’s dropped pacifiers versus the other half of parents who rinsed or boiled their infant’s dropped pacifiers. It turns out that later in life, the children who were given the “dirtier” pacifier had far lower rates of asthma than the children who were given the “cleaner” pacifier. Now scientists increasingly believe there is a natural health reason as to why a child puts his finger in his nose, digs around inside like a prospector mining for gold, exits with a dry mixture on his finger tip, and then proceeds to immediately consume it (which actually has a sugary taste) – it’s because found
within that substance are a great deal of bacteria good for the immune system. (And who knows, maybe this is all part of being fearfully and wonderfully made?) But don’t worry mom, your little nose picker is too young to read this article. And if you have a big nose picker – remind him, it only works for kids when they’re small.