Chuck Swindoll, the well-known author and speaker, writes the following –

When my wife, Cynthia and I returned home from a combination of summer ministry and vacation, we opened the front door of our house and were met with an awful stench.  We hoped that it was bad food in the refrigerator.  It wasn’t.  We thought it might be garbage left in one of the trash containers.  It wasn’t.  We wondered if it were possibly something out in the garage. It wasn’t.  Then after spending a terrible night downstairs, she on the sofa and I in the rocker (because the stench upstairs was unbearable) we determined it has to be coming from the attic.  Well, it was one of those hot 100-degree days in August and so I felt led to call our eldest son, who came over.  He was thumping around upstairs in the attic and to his shock (and our amazement) he discovered the problem was a very large and a very dead possum that had burst open and was crawling with maggots.  “Dad!” he yelled down, “It’s like a Stephen King novel!  It’s so big it doesn’t even fit between the rafters and its just running out all over!”  So we got a plastic bag and a cardboard box.  As I put the bag around it our son slid the box in my direction and I deposited it inside.  We then took it down to the dumpster.  But what we didn’t know was that when you get rid of a carcass, you don’t get rid of the smell, because that stuff had soaked into the sheet rock and wood rafters up there.  Now I’ve been told if you have a refrigerator that stinks you get a box of baking soda.  So I bought six big boxes of the stuff.  My son went back up into the attic one more time and spread the baking soda over where the dead possum had been.  When he came back down he said, “Dad, that’s it.  Whatever else need doing, it’s up to you.”   Well, the baking soda, apart from the changing the colour of the yuck., didn’t do a thing to the smell.  It just became white stink.  And understand,  all this was right above our master bedroom closet where the doors has been closed all through those hot days.  And naturally our clothes were kept in the closet.  We took everything out and dumped it on the bed, a mess, but I don’t want to get sidetracked.  A month later the stench was still there.  By now, we had gotten somewhat comfortable sleeping on the downstairs sofa and chair.  But also by now, the attic maggots had moved down through the wall and not only into our bedroom, but also into our kitchen and family room.  They also snuggled into the fur of the carpet like they thought it was the fur of an animal, of which  we tried to vacuum them up.  This is how we spent the last part of our vacation.  And if you don’t know (and now we do) maggots eventually turn into flies.  So the following week our home was swarming with thousands of filthy flies.  Finally, we found a real saviour.  It is called, I kid you not, Anti-Icky Poo. – an eco-friendly and environmentally safe product that consists of live non-harmful bacteria that consumes both the decaying matter and its resulting odour.  And the best part is there is no rubbing, scrubbing or mopping up.  You just spray it on anything and walk away, letting it do all the hard work for you.  Your purchase comes with a guarantee that if it doesn’t get the smell out, you get your money back.  And the only caution is – Warning: This product will exceed your expectations.

The bottom line?  In Psalm 38:5, David described his sins as being like that of festering wounds that stink.  In John 11:39, Martha described her dead brother Lazarus as now being stinking.  But the Bible says that, unlike Anti-Icky Poo, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary not only takes away the stench of our sin in the nostrils of God, but also replaces it with a wonderful savoured aroma.  As Paul wrote in II Cor. 2:15, For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish.