If you’re new to Wingham Baptist Church (WBC), we want you to know that you are welcome.

Our church exists primarily to introduce people to the Person of Jesus Christ and allow them an opportunity to receive Him as their Savior.   Secondly, our church exists to encourage, disciple and equip people who know Jesus as their Savior to live for Him, love Him and serve Him with their lives.  We believe that these reasons for existing as a church come directly from the Bible (John 3: 16; Romans 10: 9-13 and Ephesians 4).

One of the best things about our church is how friendly and inviting everyone is. We have sunday school (for all ages) and worship services on Sunday morning and evening, a relaxed bible study/prayer session Wednesday night, and various other ministries.

If you’ve got kids, that’s wonderful!  We have a great nursery staff that is trained and even background checked for your peace of mind.

What about teens?  Is there a place in WBC for teens?  Absolutely!  We feel very strongly about helping teens and young adults see that they are part of the church and not just a number.  Through our youth ministry we seek to include them in all aspects of church life as a means of natural discipleship/mentoring.

What about me?  I am single, divorced, newly weds, a teen on my own, a senior citizen, a man, a woman, etc.  As God has gifted all of us with abilities to worship and serve Him with our lives – there is a place for you if you are looking to give your life to Jesus in sincere worship and service.  You are welcome here!

If you’re not sure about just who Jesus is, we would love nothing more than for you to come into relationship with Him.  Would you like to know more about becoming a Christian?  Click Here!

Wondering what to wear? We have a diverse congregation that includes people with many different styles. You’ll see some in suit and tie with others in casual clothing.

What is worship like at WBC?  We believe that our corporate worship should reflect the diverse and rich corporate nature of the Body of Christ – the human beings that make up the church.  There is a blend of contemporary and traditional music- hymns and spiritual songs.  There is prayer, a message from the Bible and a time for reflection, meditation and personal worship.  We’re not interested in catering to one segment of the church, society or social group – worship is for the church – the whole body.

There is plenty of parking all around the church. We look forward to seeing you!